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In the last 20 years, working time has increased by 15% and leisure time has decreased by 33%. (Dovico)


Knowledge workers, on average, have just 2 hours and 48 minutes a day for productive tasks (or 14 hours and 8 minutes a week). (RescueTime)


of knowledge workers never get more than 30 minutes straight of focused time. (RescueTime)


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Give each employee the ME perspective

Each individual is unique in their capacity to manage work and KanBo gives everyone a platform to strike the perfect balance. With KanBo, employees can share their work contexts with the organization to ensure a comfortable workload that lets them create true value at work. Now Employees can go beyond performance KPIs and dedicate time to delivering valuable work that they care about. KanBo’s MyBoard functionality allows every employee to plan, manage, and execute their workload without losing focus of the bigger picture.

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Innovate faster for a bigger impact

Keep up with the fast paced world and give your business a competitive edge. KanBo allows employees to adapt with agility and employ top-notch practices for fast innovation. KanBo is the most effective framework for planning, managing, and reporting valuable information for reliable results and better resource utilization.

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Working in real-time with others

Being on the same page at all times delivers an unprecedented work experience and a new dimension of effectiveness to your teams. KanBo provides an all-in-one platform for top-down visibility into projects, portfolios, and initiatives underway. Armed with effective real-time visibility into work status, leaders and teams can focus on pressing issues, identify trends, and adapt to rapidly changing environments.

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Perform ground-breaking work by focusing on what really matters

Abandon redundant activities that generate overhead and lower motivation to focus on meaningful work. KanBo helps you cut to chase by eliminating time-consuming practices and turning your attention towards purposeful work that ignites passion and innovation.

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Go beyond Fast decisions to make a Meaningful Impact

Get a complete view of your organization with real-time visibility at all management levels. Making critical business decisions requires having the right information available in real-time for faster & smarter execution. With KanBo you make better decisions that have a strategic impact.

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Take risks to activate innovation

In this fast-moving digital culture, empower your employees to try new initiatives that drive change. KanBo activates innovation by supporting leaders in building a culture of creative freedom that gives birth to revolutionary ideas. KanBo naturally encourages experimentation and calculated risks by allowing team members to use failure as an opportunity for growth. KanBo’s values lie in eliminating bureaucratic decision-making and shifting your focus towards true innovation.

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