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Everything you need to be more productive, in one location. KanBo is your smarter, more connected platform where your strategy, resources, and work align.

Welcome to your one stop shop for achieving productivity in KanBo. These features are built to help you work smarter with less effort.

Card Templates

Benefit from the experience and take an informed start

Starting from scratch every time can lower your productivity and slow down your work. Why begin anew when you can utilize work that has already been done? KanBo’s Card Templates allow you to create complex cards of similar predefined structures, subtasks and documents quickly and easily. Here are some notable features of Card Templates:

Share Actionable Knowledge

Sharing knowledge among employees has never been easier. KanBo’s powerful Card Templates are designed with customization and flexibility in mind to help your team share actionable knowledge so you can benefit from the experiences of others.

Easy to Create

To create a card template all you have to do is take an existing card and turn it into a template without losing the existing card or build a new one just as you would in a regular card. You can even collaborate with others about the structure of it right within the card template itself to reduce friction.

Define Structures to Start With

Card Templates can also be set as a default in a Board for creating new cards to ensure a similar structure for all. You can further extend these cards as you work to suit your unique requirements just as easily as in a regular card.

With Card Templates, KanBo provides equal parts flexibility and structure to strike the perfect balance.

Calendar View

Add perspective to dates and stay ahead of schedule

Whether you are planning a conference, managing an editorial calendar, or organizing other time critical work, the calendar view can give a new perspective to work-related dates. The multi-faceted calendar view is an interactive and easily customizable view of the cards on a calendar to provide more focus on when what needs to get done.

Perspectives: KanBo’s Calendar view is one of the views available for displaying your KanBo Board and shows you cards’ dates in a daily, weekly or monthly perspective.

Date Ranges: The calendar view displays all types of dates from cards and the time between start dates and due dates is represented as date ranges.

Updating Dates: Easily manage cards by dragging and dropping them on the calendar to automatically update their dates.

Mute Notifications

Put the world on silent to activate laser sharp focus for perfect productivity

KanBo helps you balance your need for collaborating and staying updated with the need for sustained focus and serenity. You can set your own boundaries to balance expectations and define boundaries that can give you uninterrupted time for deep work. With the possibility to set cards, boards or people on mute you can maintain the attention necessary to do your job.

The Snoozed Mute

KanBo’s Snoozed Mute option is especially powerful because it allows users to mute something or someone for a predefined period after which mute disables automatically and you are in the loop again.

Do Not Disturb mode (DND)

Take out some time to focus with the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode to pause notifications for a specified time frame. Your co-workers will see when you’re in DND mode and know not to expect a response right away.

Board Activity Stream

Stay in the loop about all activity in the board

The KanBo Board Activity Stream (BAS) helps you and your team stay up to date with the recent developments in conversations, tasks, documents, milestones, status updates and various other KanBo elements. Here are some distinct features of the Board Activity Stream:

  • The stream style and format are similar to a newsfeed and can only be seen by a team that has access to the board.
  • A board consists of many cards which record their own contextual activity stream. The Board Activity Stream zooms out of the cards and gives a chronological representation of any action that takes place in the Board.
  • You can easily catch up on the progress by quickly reviewing the Board Activity Stream and get enlightened on the latest happenings that occurred in your absence, without the hassle of asking your team members.

Share Cards Externally

Expanding the scope of KanBo beyond external file sharing

In today’s modern world, the need for external collaboration is more important than ever before. To satisfy customers employees are regularly required to collaborate with people outside the organization, such as vendors, partners, suppliers, and contractors. Here’s how KanBo enables employees to go maximize its scope and communicate externally:

Sharing: KanBo enables Card Sharing to encourage external collaboration and sharing of information with people outside your organization. Users can quickly and securely share a specific part of a context of work required by the external person to do the job without exposing sensitive information. This can contain multiple aspects of work including communication, collaboration and documents that are all updated in real time.

Security: Sharing business critical information with external parties comes with a security risk. KanBo deals with security concerns with appropriate regulations so you can rest easy. When you share information, you are only giving the external person access to that particular information- not the entire board. All externally shared cards are easily recognizable as shared. It is also possible to have sharing automatically disabled after a certain time interval. With predefined sharing classifications, your organization can balance risk and compliance in accordance with its policies.

Flexibility: The external party does not require any KanBo infrastructure nor KanBo licenses to view and work with the information stored in shared cards.

Sub-card Groups

Staying focused on the big picture without losing perspective on details

Sometimes plans, projects or cards can get too complex and cause you to lose perspective on how all the interlinked, moving parts relate to each other. To tackle this growing concern, you can again apply the nifty philosophy of KanBan: Break it into smaller pieces. Here’s how it’s done:

Create to-do lists

To-do lists are a tried and tested way of breaking down work into small pieces for efficient execution. KanBo will help you create a structure of smaller work items by using multiple to-do lists. You can drag to-do items between lists and change their names effortlessly until you end up with a few perfectly organized to-do lists filled with work items.

Convert to-do lists into Sub-card Groups

Sub-cards are child cards of a parent card, and Sub-card Groups are a group of many such Sub-cards. You can turn your to-do lists into Sub-card Groups and the items contained by them into sub-cards automatically.

During this conversion you can even choose a different board than the one where the parent card lives. The parent card can have child cards scattered across many KanBo Boards where dedicated teams deliver these parts of work needed to accomplish the work in the parent card.

Navigate Across Sub-cards

You can easily view the status of each child card from the parent card, visually track the completion of child cards, and quickly navigate to any related card – even between boards – in the blink of an eye.

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