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Powerful tools for managing work and getting deeper insights in any aspect of work.

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General Work Management

Set of features to organize work your way and boost team collaboration and improve productivity.

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Task management
Unlimited hierarchy
Real-time Communication
Email to KanBo
Full email client
Card Sharing
2 Level Trashcan
Flexible status workflows
Advanced Search
File content search
Smart Notifications
Assigned Comments
Task Relations across Boards
Unsrestricted number of tasks
Private tasks
Attaching files to tasks

Project Management

Set of functionalities to drive project management in one place, visualize priorities, boost collaboration, and maintain control of your projects.

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Previous-Next Tasks
Dependency management
Risk and Issue management
Scheduling assistant
Time Budget
Fee Budget
Expense Budget
Budgeting with Phases
Project Dashboards
Effort allocation
Time Tracking

Resource Management

Robust enterprise resource management tools for improved work efficiency and capacity planning to get the most out of your resources.

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Resource Pool
Resource Requests
Centralized Resource Management
Decentralized Resource Management
Org structure import
Non-Human Resource support
Time Tracking Approvals
Absence Management
Cost structure management
Official Holidays
Custom Work Schedules
Skill Management
Team Planning
Soft Allocations
Job Roles
Capacity Reports incl. Heat Map
Actuals - Time Worked Analysis
Workspace Level Allocations
Space Level Allocations
Utilization Management
Performance Dashboard

Workflow Automation & Customization

Strong automation features to automate everyday workflows along with the flexibility to template every aspect of your work to mirror the unique processes of your team, department, or company.

KanBoTrelloMS PlannerJiraMS Azure DevopsMondayMS ProjectAsana
Workspace Templates
Board Templates
Card Templates
Rule based status workflows
Human powered workflows
Dynamic Request Forms
Custom Fields
Dynamic Recurring Tasks
Multiple Assignees
Bulk Actions
Conditional Automations
Document Templates
File Folder Structure Templates


Sophisticated features to report, analyze, and optimize the strategic direction based on data and visibility into the amount of work delivered.

KanBoTrelloMS PlannerJiraMS Azure DevopsMondayMS ProjectAsana
Goals, KPI & OKR
Cards real time presence
Board flow health
Native PowerBI integration
Forecast Chart
Advanced Time Chart
Monte Carlo Simulation Chart
Business intelligence API

Microsoft Office 365 integration

The unique architecture of KanBo allows to leverage the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem like no other on the market.

KanBoTrelloMS PlannerJiraMS Azure DevopsMondayMS ProjectAsana
Support Private & Shared MS Teams Channels
All types of Office 365 Group support
Office 365 Group restore support
Azure Active Directory (incl. details sync)
Microsoft SharePoint (incl. online)
KanBo Microsoft Outlook AddIn
KanBo Power Platform Apps
KanBo Power Automate Connector
KanBo PowerShell Cmdlets
Microsoft 365 retention policies support
Documents stored in Microsoft Teams

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Have a question? We’ve got answers!

KanBo flexible hierarchy and customization set it apart from other project management solutions. KanBo also features native time tracking as well as two-way email synchronization and a variety of unique views for your work. When it comes to integrations into the Microsoft Ecosystem KanBo provides an unmatched level of integration depth due to its internal architecture that was designed for that purpose.

While there are many considerations when choosing the right software, two most important requirements are: 1) that you and your team are willing and able to learn how to implement and use it, and 2) that it includes the features and integrations you need to organize and execute work (in our case that is the strategic alignment with Microsoft) 

While experimentation and trial and error are great ways to build and improve workflows, many users prefer to start with templates that can then be customized for their specific needs. KanBo provides over 50 of free templates for virtually every experience level and use case.

Because you will likely need to store proprietary information on any solution you choose, it should meet the requirements as stipulated by your IT or operations teams. KanBo goes even further as it is installed on your private cloud (your infrastructure like Azure) or your servers behind a firewall. The data never leaves your environment and is as safe as your infrastructure. Read more on our Security page.

Many platforms offer free trial periods that allow you to test out a product’s features and interface before deciding whether you want to pay for it. KanBo goes one step further by offering a 30–60-day trial of the highest plan at no cost. You have plenty of time to experiment and decide what features will benefit you the most. 

The answer depends on a number of factors, including team size, features required, integration requirements, governance features and more. Most project management tools cost from €10 per user per month for basic plans, up to €60+ per user per month for highly specialized enterprise-level solutions. Learn about KanBo’s pricing here. 

Before canceling your current subscription, ensure you know what tool you want to switch to (if any). Then, make sure that the new solution meets the needs of your organization and that you can import your work from your current tool to the new project management tool. 

In most cases, yes. However, before signing up for a particular platform, make sure it has the import and export capabilities you’ll need. Learn about KanBo data portability here. 

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