KanBo Roles

Specialist Coordinator

In a fast-paced international environment, KanBo offers a comprehensive work coordination platform designed for Specialist Coordinators. Stay on top of data requirements, propel team leadership, and […]

Chief Data Officer

Ideal for a Chief Data Officer at an international organization. From handling data incidents to assessing strategy requirements, KanBo offers a comprehensive platform to suit all your data […]

A Deputy General Manager – Data COE

Leveraging KanBo’s comprehensive functionalities, a Deputy General Manager- Data COE can drive agile product development, seamlessly coordinate international teams, and ensure quality […]

Digital Product Operations Manager

KanBo, a globally trusted work coordination software streamlining product management. Uniquely designed for digital product operation managers, you can effectively coordinate […]

Division Director

As a Division Director ensure coherent project navigation and progression using KanBo, a robust project management and workflow optimization tool tailored for large international […]

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants play a crucial role in large international corporations, handling a myriad of responsibilities. With KanBo by your side, manage scheduling, perform research and […]

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Corporate strategy Expert Process

KanBo empowers continuous improvement in large, international corporations. Our software facilitates better project coordination, documenting processes, seamless change management, and […]

Head in Product Engineering E-Powertrain

KanBo, the go-to software for illustrious international firms, streamlines your workflows, and fortifies communication avenues. Manage personnel, balance budgets, navigate […]

Corporate planning Expert Process

KanBo empowers continuous improvement in large, international corporations. Our software facilitates better project coordination, documenting processes, seamless change management, and […]

Inclusion & Diversity Communications Strategist

As an Inclusion & Diversity Communications Strategist, coordinating your communication efforts and ensuring your message is communicated effectively, consistently, and diversely […]

Empowering Investigations Experts Globally

KanBo enhances coordination and productivity for Investigations Experts in international organizations. Our software enables the development and implementation of standards, simplifying […]

Key Account Manager

Whether it’s overseeing customer accounts or orchestrating sales plans, KanBo’s dynamic platform is designed to make every Key Account Manager’s day more effective and […]

Manager of Exclusive Brands

For Managers of Exclusive Brands, KanBo brings enhanced collaboration, communication, and strategic planning. With customized spaces and cards, user activity streams, and an array […]

Marketing Incentives Intelligence Analyst

With KanBo, small tasks become pieces in a larger strategic puzzle. Designed with Analysts in mind, you’ll effortlessly coordinate marketing efforts, analyse sales data, and implement […]

Material Service New Model Coordinator

In today’s fast-paced international business landscape, effective project management, clear communication, and innovative problem-solving are essential. For a Material Service New […]

New Model Department Project Leader

KanBo, your go-to solution for advanced project coordination. Loved by New Model Department Project Leaders worldwide, our software offers seamless integration for mechanical, […]

Operations Process and Quality Experts

KanBo, your comprehensive work coordination platform. Tailored for Operations Process and Quality Experts, it provides superior project management, fostering independent […]


KanBo is the perfect work productivity software for employees in large international organisations, such as engineering. With KanBo, your team can easily access relevant information and […]


KanBo is the perfect productivity tool for any international organisation. It allows Scientists to collaborate, develop, design, research, create data science and analytics, and develop […]


KanBo is the ultimate work productivity software for Schedulers in large international organisations. Our software streamlines your daily tasks and allows you to easily collaborate, communicate […]


KanBo’s powerful sales management capabilities help sales teams create and manage sales processes more efficiently. Sales teams can track customer interactions, optimise […]


KanBo is designed to help Planners like you manage the day-to-day operations of a large organisation. With KanBo, you can easily forecast, plan, analyse, collaborate and report on […]


KanBo is a work productivity software that enables managers to be more efficient and effective in their daily tasks. With KanBo, managers can streamline the management of their organisation’s […]


KanBo is the perfect work productivity software for Leaders in large international organisations. With KanBo, Leaders can easily automate their daily tasks, solve problems quickly, conduct […]