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Personal Kanban

Take control over your work without the need of time-consuming meetings and do the right work at the right time. Personal Kanban streamlines and manages your complete workstream to kickstart your productivity and creativity along with visualizing priorities.

Enter the world of KanBo’s personal Kanban with features that can help you visualize and prioritize work to kickstart your productivity.


Personalized organization of your work using your work style

As you work in KanBo, you will quickly find yourself involved in many cards representing different areas of a project, department or a process. Each KanBo Board gives you the perfect representation of the state of progress regarding the context it represents. But, what about your personal work context? This is where the KanBo MyBoard comes in to act as your very own, Personal Kanban.

The KanBo MyBoard is the place where your work i.e. all cards where you are involved as responsible, co-worker or otherwise will appear. It looks and behaves like a regular KanBo Board with one major difference: Only you can manage it to suit your unique work style preferences.

Here are some special features of KanBo MyBoard:

  • MyBoard is for you to visualize and prioritize your own work stream. In KanBo MyBoard, you can add any card that you have access to – even if you are not directly involved as responsible or co-worker of the card.
  • The cards in MyBoard are virtual avatars of cards that exist in their origin KanBo Boards.
  • You can easily move cards across MyBoard’s lists without changing the status of the actual cards in their origin boards.

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Personal Dates and Reminders

Let KanBo remind you and stay on track with what’s relevant to you

KanBo already gives you the freedom to assign multiple types of dates to your work contexts so you and your team can manage most of the day-to-day deadlines. But often there is a need for some “me-perspective” when it comes to deadlines that should only be visible to you. All that is perfectly covered by KanBo’s Personal Dates and reminders on cards. Here’s how they work:

  • You can add multiple Personal Dates and give them customized names to easily recognize them later on.
  • The Personal Dates are visible only to you when you open a card and or any other time-related views like Calendar or the Board Timeline.
  • The Personal Dates also contain built-in default reminders that generate messages in your notifications even if you are not following a card. Naturally, these personal notifications appear only in your notification stream.

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Improve the way you work to strike the perfect work-life balance with Personal Kanban. Learn more about the 5 unique features of Personal Kanban and how to implement them in the digital world.

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From making never-ending to-do lists to sticking post-its in obscure places, people make all sorts of efforts to manage work effectively. Unfortunately, work has a way of getting ahead of us and causing havoc when you least expect it. But not anymore.

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Boost personal work efficiency in KanBo with these 6 advanced features of the MyBoard template. Learn more about it on KanBo now.

MyBoard Views

Get a better understanding of your work using multiple visualizations of your workstream

With MyBoard Views you can easily answer pressing questions such as:

What is due next week within my work stream? Which projects or departments generate most of the work for me? What is already late? How full is the current month?

MyBoard provides useful insights and multiple visualizations on your personal work so you can manage your work wisely.

MyBoard fill rules

Define your own automatic rules to capture relevant work

Why not add cards to your MyBoard automatically where you are being assigned as responsible or co-worker?

Define your own set of rules that control which cards will be added automatically to your MyBoard. You can also define which Board List in your MyBoard will receive all automatically “captured” cards. If you are the type of person who prefers to add cards to your MyBoard manually, turning off all rules can give you the control you need. Your MyBoard = Your Rules = Your Peace of Mind

Outlook/Google Calendar Integration

Overlay your work and your upcoming schedule on one timeline

You might be using a separate calendar application to maintain your schedule, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your meetings schedule and work in one place? KanBo enables you to do that with advanced integrations with your favorite calendar applications such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

In all time based MyBoard views like the Calendar view you will see your event items from your favorite calendar application next to your dates from your cards. The MyBoard timeline also overlays your calendar dates with all card dates, creating a single source of information. As you would expect all the synchronization between your personal calendar and KanBo’s timeline occurs in real time.

Private Cards

Digital Post-its for personal information

Are you tired of losing your important thoughts to scattered notes, disconnected note taking apps and insufficient post-its? KanBo has just the solution for you.

Taking Notes to the Next Level

With your personalized MyBoard, KanBo gives you the ability to create private cards that are for your eyes alone. The private cards are a way to store your notes, to-dos, documents, and private tasks – and all of this can be perfectly organized, categorized and is always in sync over all your devices.

Sharing Notes with Others

What if your personal notes are finally ready to be shared with others? Maybe your small ideas have been fine-tuned enough to be shared with the entire team. In such a scenario, you can easily add any card from your MyBoard to any other KanBo Board you have access. Your private card can be easily moved to any team or project board, immediately visible to others in the appropriate context and yet still visible on your MyBoard.

If your mind is prone to spontaneously generation of ideas, then Private Cards is the best place to capture and nurture them until you can finally share them with your team.

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