Fast Decisions

Organizations need a framework to make decisions fast, get work done and continuously innovate.

Take a look at these special KanBo features made to accelerate decision making.


The magnifying glass for KanBo Boards

KanBo’s board filtering lets you zoom in on the most relevant fragments of information to maintain the laser sharp focus necessary to get work done. You build your filter visually setting which fragment of the KanBo Board you wish to see. Here are some of the filter options you can choose from:

  • Card name
  • Labels
  • Users
  • Statuses
  • Dates

Apart from choosing certain options, you can go for “match all” or “match any” and use the NOT operator selectively.

Filters are persistent and your applied filter stays in place as you navigate multiple views. All card and board actions are available without any restriction. Naturally, you can turn the filter off to stop filtering.

KanBo also shows you how many cards have been hidden from view due to the filter conditions, so you also know how much you don’t see.

Card Grouping

Stay sharp with the right perspective

As you enter a board, you are faced with a vast amount of information and work contexts in the form of multiple KanBo Cards. This can sometimes get overwhelming and make it difficult for you to set the right priorities. With Card Groupings, KanBo gives you the opportunity to cut through the layers of complexity and stay focused on a single dimension at the time.

KanBo groups cards into lists so you can focus on key aspects of any enterprise, project or process covered by a board.

  • Grouping by lists lets you see how work is progressing – lists represent predefined status and moving cards between them changes the status on cards.
  • Grouping by users lets you see the load of any employee involved – lists represent employees and their assigned work and moving cards between them reassigns users on cards.
  • Grouping by labels lets you see how cards are distributed across labels – lists represent labels containing all cards with that label and moving cards between them assigns new labels to cards.
  • Grouping by due date creates lists of cards that are overdue, due today, due tomorrow, or in the future, etc. to give cards a time perspective.

The lists also display the number of cards in their headers to provide you a better understanding of what is contained in a selected perspective.

KanBo Bot – your smart Digital Assistant

Ambient intelligence always at your service

Taking a step into ambient intelligence, KanBo brings you your very own smart Digital Assistant built to help you get the best out of KanBo.

Making Assistance Smarter

Learning about users is what makes the KanBo Bot “smart.” The KanBo bot constantly learns about employees’ needs and behavioral patterns, so it can proactively serve them information when they’re most likely to need it, or when something needs their attention.

Always at your Service

The KanBo Bot is built to serve and is on constant standby, ready to spring into action when a user asks for help. Its intuitive intelligence and learning allow it to estimate when users need assistance so it can chime in with the right thing at the right time – without any prompt from the user. The KanBo bot pervasively connects you to the information you need at all times, in a highly personalized way without being invasive.

Making Employees Happier

The KanBo bot makes employees happier and more satisfied at work through a sense of inclusiveness and equal access to information for all employees. May it be a tech savvy individual from the new generation or a non-technical senior employee with years of experience, the KanBo bot makes all generations feel welcome. The ease with which KanBo Bot handles mundane tasks leads to an increase in overall job satisfaction. Finding information is as easy as speaking a request or typing a natural language query, the KanBo bot takes care of the rest and returns the requested information via voice, text or KanBo Card.