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of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss. (Forbes after Harvard Business Review)

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The average working person spends less than 30 seconds a day in meaningful communication with their children. (Dovico)


of employees who work remotely believe that they get more work done then if they worked in their company’s office. (Valuewalk)


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Create effective teams with endless potential

Empower employees and teams with an autonomous framework that lets them reach their true potential. KanBo helps increase individual responsibility through transparency and lets you build an unbreakable bond of trust that inspires honest work and true dedication. Embrace a lean decision making environment with cross-competence collaboration for full inclusivity so no employee gets left behind.

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Enable leadership throughout your organization

With a perfect bird’s eye view of the organization, effective leadership has never been easier. KanBo helps leaders execute the right strategies to empower employees and build a rewarding work environment. From potential investment to critical decisions, the bigger picture provided by KanBo equips leaders with the knowledge to guide dedicated teams in the right direction.

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Make smarter decisions with collective intelligence

Benefit from the true essence of teamwork by brainstorming in the presence of diverse range of perspectives to bring new ideas to light. Maximize the potential of your workforce with mutual consensus aided by KanBo’s reservoir of knowledge. KanBo captures knowledge as people execute work collaboratively and re-surfaces it at the right time and in the right context.

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Engage your workforce for an instant boost in productivity

Build an effective digital workspace with the employee experience as the main focus while also keeping your employees engaged. KanBo helps teams self- organize and structure their workflow with valuable outcome-oriented feedback, engaging environment that encourages fresh ideas and complete work satisfaction. Maintain a satisfied workforce through empathetic feedback and ownership that wins over employees’ and customers’ alike.

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Keep up with your remote teams

Maximize the benefits of remote work through effective communication with your remote workforce. KanBo helps businesses form fully functional remote teams that offer employees the ultimate freedom and convenience. With KanBo, you can promote an organization-wide culture of innovation, transparency, and inclusiveness – without the necessity of physical presence.

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