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Knowledge Management

Knowledge management in large organizations is a challenging task that can quickly lose structure. In the words of the Lewis E. Platt, the CEO of Hewlett Packard, “If HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.”

Dive into the world of knowledge management and learn how KanBo utilizes knowledge with these features to drive organization-wide growth.

KanBo Questions

Empower your organization with a hub for contextual knowledge sharing

KanBo’s contextual approach to work is perfect for creating and maintaining knowledge in knowledge-intensive environments. Getting questions answered is essential for the efficiency and effective performance of the team. KanBo questions help teams to ask and answer questions directly in the context of work that is being currently performed.

KanBo questions becomes the way people solve problems and create knowledge as a by-product of problem solving. As a team member you can:

  • See all open questions
  • Answer Questions
  • Rate answers
  • Point questions to specific team members to mimic the way people naturally think about, share, and find information.

On top of it KanBo routes unanswered questions to people in your organization that have the highest reputation in the field context. When similar questions have already been answered, KanBo suggests the answers immediately unearthing knowledge exactly where it is now required.

KanBo Insights

Unlock organization wide knowledge

People and their interactions are the true source of knowledge. Your team has knowledge buried in old documents, emails, chat messages and in people’s heads. Retain and store collective knowledge across teams within your company, giving your employees a way to easily access critical information no matter where they are.

KanBo naturally becomes an integral platform where knowledge is created and stored in card comments, notes, to-dos, documents, questions and answers etc. Everyone who spots valuable knowledge within KanBo can effortlessly mark it as such and then add structure and tag to categorize it to turn it into insights.

KanBo gives your distributed teams a private, secure space to collaborate and share collective knowledge, reducing the time it takes to find the right information. KanBo’s AI automatically matches work contexts with knowledge already captured and resurfaces it when it matches the current context serving the organization as the centralized and autonomous fountain of wisdom.

Augmenting Knowledge

Unearth existing organizational knowledge through contextual augmentation in KanBo Cards

KanBo provides a self-organizing knowledge ecosystem that facilitates knowledge sharing among users with different perspectives and work contexts.

Clarity and Structure

The collective knowledge is gathered effortlessly from KanBo Cards as KanBo Questions and KanBo Insights, and is being stored in a structured way using knowledge models within KanBo knowledge database. The precise contexts of KanBo Cards where the knowledge is extracted from using AI eliminates the extra burden on employees to document and structure their knowledge.

Knowledge Distribution

The unique AI models used in KanBo match people’s work contexts with the preserved knowledge collection of your organization.

Easy Accessibility

The employees are presented with augmented knowledge directly within KanBo Cards where they work, and where knowledge has the biggest impact on them and ultimately on the entire organization.

Knowledge Retention

KanBo is the ideal platform to utilize and store organization wide information and the effect of this contextual retention of knowledge is unprecedented. Your employees benefit from each other regardless the number of people in the organization or physical location. If someone leaves the company, their knowledge is chained within contexts, tags, and has a factual relevancy scoring based on how helpful it is – in short, their knowledge continues to benefit your organization long after they have left.

KanBo Notes

Store unstructured information and thoughts that lead to great ideas

With card notes you capture and grade ideas, inspirations, personal moments and all that information that is too small to become a document but too important to become a comment which can get lost in the streams of information.

With notes, KanBo gives you practically unlimited space, rich formatting and the ability to mention users, so you can have everything you need to enrich your work context and turn small ideas into great realities.

KanBo Bookmarks

Preserve critical information

It's easy for useful content or important messages to vanish into boundless streams of information, never to be seen again. With KanBo, you can preserve information that is important to you by simply bookmarking any action or comment in the stream.

You can easily find bookmarked information later even if the streams inside of cards grow over time – KanBo has got you covered and positions the stream exactly there where you bookmarked it. Afraid that something will get lost in the vortex of information? Preserve is for later with KanBo Bookmarks.

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