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Working Remotely

Quality work is not only about how long you stay on-site. Modern businesses are transforming work practices to empower employees and encourage remote work processes. Employees should work around energy instead of hours. Remote work gives employees the room to bring their best to the table, building a productive work-life balance that results in high job satisfaction.

Want to introduce a remote work environment? Discover these KanBo’s remote work features that can help you strike the perfect work-life balance for your workforce.

notifications in real time

Notifications in real time

Achieving productivity in a remote work environment by replacing places with meaningful contexts

As interest in remote work skyrockets, more and more businesses are struggling with the dilemma of offering the flexibility employees expect while maintaining productivity and quality levels. For humans, productivity comes in cycles and it is almost impossible to align the asynchronous cycles of all team members.

Working Asynchronously means Working Out Loud

Knowing people will be working and communicating asynchronously, KanBo assists them in working out loud. KanBo automatically captures their actions into contexts and creates detailed streams based on it. This allows other participants/team members to catch up on any work context at any time without disturbing others.

Beyond Locations and Time Zones

KanBo provides its real time notifications across devices to ensure all relevant participants are in sync regardless their physical location or time zone.

Follow What Matters to You

Notifications are generated based on your participation or explicit following. Participation entails the interactions you have with contexts such as card, list, board, or board collections. While following requires employees to choose themselves what contexts to follow as only they can decide what is relevant to them at any given moment.

Detail Levels in Streams

Control the depth of information by filtering your streams

When you enter a KanBo Card or KanBo Board you will notice its activity stream containing the entire history from the moment of creation to the present moment. While they do provide traceability, the small details of all mechanical events in the stream such as the change of the name of a note, update of a document, messages of Card members or Card Status changes can sometimes become overwhelming.

It’s crucial to present employees with only the information they need to see. Each user in KanBo can personalize the view of the stream by selecting one of the three predefined filters.

  • Get only comments
  • Show the most important activities like user assignments or status changes
  • See the complete stream with full details.
Detail LevelIn Streams
KanBo Block Ups

KanBo Block-ups

Understand how your work impacts others by seeing who is waiting on you and why

Sometimes delayed responses and decisions in between tasks can end up causing massive delays in work. Instead of waiting on someone to magically resolve a work delay, just mark the work (KanBo Card) as blocked, enter a reason and optionally point out users who you think would be potentially able to resolve it. KanBo will keep reminding the right users about the Block-ups to ensure their reaction and hopefully a quick resolution.

In KanBo you can view cards that are blocked because of you. If cards with block-ups have relations, then KanBo will determine the critical path of resolution and prioritize the block-up reminders accordingly across your organization to maximize the efficiency. Once the card gets unblocked the blocked-up person and followers of the card will receive notifications about it. The Block-up resolution time chart makes this feature even more perfect by showing how much time it took for a block to be resolved. The adoption of these features lets you improve resolution time and makes your organization more agile.

User Activity Stream

Gain Insight on what others are working on

Work life is full of unexpected challenges but KanBo can prepare you for them. In situations where a co-worker calls in sick or someone leaves the company and you are asked to take over their project, KanBo’s user activity stream can be a lifesaver by showing you what that person was working on recently.

If you know that a colleague is working on something that you are looking for – You can save time by looking it up in the user activity stream and find relevant information without bothering them. However, you will only be able to see activities from Boards you have access to.

User activity stream also thoroughly documents your work for better traceability, so you don’t have to piece together information scattered all over the place in emails.

user activity stream

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