Engagement and Adoption

With a fast, adaptive and responsive work environment that respects users’ personal interests, KanBo feels natural and intuitive to work with. It seamlessly integrates into the daily workflow without forcing users to change so they can feel right at home.

Explore KanBo’s adaptive features to create an intuitive work environment that boost engagement and adoption in your organization.

Drag, Drop, Move and Collapse all elements in KanBo

Enjoy natural, physical interactions in the digital workplace

KanBo is specially designed to encourage user involvement and engagement by curating physical experiences that feels natural in the digital realm. KanBo uses its digital platform to provide satisfaction and joy with ease of use. It’s the smart representation of physical interactions that makes it so enjoyable and allows users to find their own system of organization.

It starts with cards that can be moved across lists or dragged & dropped on the timeline to set the card’s due date. Inside of cards you can drag users to change responsibility or collapse and move elements like notes, to-do lists, etc. The countless elements capable of being dragged, moved or collapsed inside of KanBo make it extremely easy and intuitive to work with.

Detail Levels in Notifications

Stay focused and control the flow of information

Too many notifications can get overwhelming and interfere with your productivity. To tackle the problem of growing number of notifications, KanBo gives users control over the type and frequency of notifications that they receive.

KanBo provides several noise levels that can be personalized to match user’s preferences. Then they can be set individually by users on different KanBo contexts such as cards, lists, boards, users or entire board collections.

KanBo creates a sophisticated system of notifications built to show you a controlled number of updates that truly matter. As people work and KanBo elements change, others are notified of these changes at the noise and frequency levels that they have set for it. KanBo manages all these little details for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Board Chat

Zoom out and talk about the big picture

When you are working with your team inside of a board most of the collaboration is very precise and takes place inside KanBo Cards. The cards represent a constant and logical set of similar entities depending on what the board organizes, like incidents, clients, contracts, etc. Sometimes team members have the need to discuss something that is not related to any of the cards but related to the purpose of the board itself. That’s where board chat comes in.

You can use the Board Chat for new team member onboarding and other high-level discourse like sharing thoughts about improving the structure of the board or just making an announcement. With threaded discussions, the “like”-functionality and by mentioning other board members you can have dynamic conversations while staying in the bigger context of the board and not cluttering the cards with mixed contexts.

Measure how people use KanBo

Understand engagement levels on a larger scale

KanBo provides built in metrics and dashboards that help to measure the engagement or level of user involvement with KanBo. By evaluating several signals and user behaviors KanBo measures the frequency, intensity and depth of interaction between users and KanBo as well as users with each other.

Understanding your team’s engagement behavior towards KanBo reveals how effectively KanBo is empowering your organization and how many people are hooked to it – giving you a fair estimate of the ROI.

These measurements also showcase the intensity of information flow and the most relevant topics being discussed among teams and departments. All measurement features must be explicitly activated before usage to be aligned with company’s employee policies.

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