KanBo Emerges As a Viable Alternative amidst Jira Server Discontinuation

Created by Atlassian, Jira is an assortment of products developed to assist a diverse variety of teams in terms of tracking bugs, bottlenecks, and issues along with project management features.

Because of the cloud’s increasing ubiquity, Atlassian recently took a controversial decision to permanently shut down its Jira Server replacing it with an alternative – a new cloud-based product.

Although on paper, this appears to be a logical choice, Jira server clients who relied on on-premises deployment instead of the cloud are now left with disappointment.

There were hundreds of organizations that developed and deployed their apps relying on Jira and Confluence server investing both time and financial resources.

The limitations of cloud-based deployment now restrict these organizations from continuing their apps as the cloud is far more dependent on web integration.

Limitations of Jira’s Cloud Alternative

One of the major drawbacks of Jira’s alternative is its cloud-based solution instead of an on-premise one. Cloud solutions are heavily dependent on the user’s internet and if they don’t have a reliable and fast internet connection, their experience suffers. On the same note, internet access becomes crucial to access all of your data and an internet outage can break down all communication. Another weakness of cloud-based deployment is that organizations lose some of their control over their data which can have an impact on both accessibility and security.

Owing to these reasons, the developer community that relied on Jira Server is now left with a cloud alternative which is a non-starter. Essentially, Atlassian is now putting app developers, businesses, and organizations in a challenging spot where they have to make a choice between convenience and security. Are there any alternatives available? Fortunately, there is one – KanBo.

KanBo – An Effective Jira Server Alternative

KanBo software is functionally identical as it is fundamentally a Jira Cluster on-premises software that combines the versatility and features of both Jira and Confluence Server. For those who are looking for a cloud alternative, there is an on-cloud variant of the product as well. The on-premises variant can be easily downloaded as a software package and can be used to support the organization’s servers and apps. This empowers the organization to have the ideal equilibrium of the flexibility of modern work and the security governed by internal policies.

KanBo is highly recommended for Atlassian app developers and their customer base because it is one of the most feature-rich and secure local deployment servers on the market. It is easy to install and is compatible with a wide range of apps. It also allows users to keep enterprise apps as private and secure as they desire. Relying on KanBo, app developers have the option to centralize scattered data, streamline intra-department collaboration, deliver real-time visibility into a multitude of business systems, and empower teams to be more productive through operational efficiencies.

Essential Features that Separate KanBo

App developers and organizations who are now looking elsewhere to deploy their solutions have KanBo to rescue their apps, data, and solutions. Some of the major features that set KanBo apart include the following:

Enterprise Data Governance

KanBo ensures high-level enterprise data governance allowing organizations to streamline handling and management of business data. They can govern their data in a holistic manner to maintain compliance with both internal policies and regional regulations. KanBo’s data governance gives organizations the opportunity to enhance the quality and reliability of their data empowering them to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

The ideal feature here is that the app developers don’t have to be torn between security and functionality as KanBo provides both with its on-premises and cloud variants.

On-Premise Applications

Organizations have the option to install and run the software on on-premises IT infrastructure instead of on a remote facility such as the cloud or a server farm providing them more control over their data and apps. This also gives organizations the ability to ensure operational continuity and availability of data regardless of the quality of internet connection. The KanBo software is quite similar to Atlassian and can help the organization improve the efficiency of app deployments, increase productivity, reduce costs, increase the security of server infrastructure, and improve employee satisfaction.

Since app developers and organizations do not rely on internet connectivity with on-premise deployment, the app has almost 100% uptime.

Agile Tools

It doesn’t matter what agile tool the organization relies on for its business requirements, they can plan, track, and manage all their agile software development projects from a single tool. Whether it is Kanban or Scrum, the on-premises variant of KanBo enables organizations to add their agile tool to the technology stack ensuring they have all the information they need to streamline their management and drive both operational and financial efficiencies.


Apart from large-scale advantages, KanBo offers customization features that allow app developers to expand their reach and explore new opportunities. With KanBo’s application programming interface (API), developers can import and export data, enforce compliance and standardization and automate repetitive processes to pace up their work with custom solutions. They also have access to KanBo’s proprietary plug-ins for automation, third-party integration, and enhancing software’s functionality.

There are also Webhooks, SingalR for .NET developers, and custom data and document sourcing for application developers and organizations to bring the most out of their technology stack including SAP, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SQL Database, and more.

Final Word

If you are searching for the most effective ways to develop an advanced app, manage data, and work on the backend of your system, KanBo is an obvious solution for you. App building and development through KanBo is a simple, quick, and user-friendly process that app developers will come to appreciate. Jira Server is gone and it’s not coming back. Don’t wait too long and start building your next big app and service now relying on KanBo software.

KanBo is giving you the opportunity. Don’t miss out on it.

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