In today’s fast-growing modern world, the right technology infrastructure is the backbone of your business. KanBo integrates with your chosen technology infrastructure to minimize downtime and boost business productivity.

Learn how KanBo seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure and discover features that make it happen.

KanBo on-premises

Stay within the convenience of your own hardware infrastructure behind your firewall

Despite its growing popularity, the cloud may not be the best option for all enterprises. Due to strict regulatory standards, many businesses stay within the convenience of their firewall, choosing security over functionality. With KanBo, you don’t have to make that tradeoff as you can have both at the same time!

So, if your enterprise wants the security of an on-premises infrastructure combined with the cutting-edge technology that powers innovation and success, KanBo on-premises is exactly the right choice for you. With KanBo on-premises, we are addressing your needs by providing you with a solution that includes many of the capabilities of the state-of-the-art cloud-based applications you want to equip your teams with. KanBo is deployed on your infrastructure in a way that makes the most sense to you, without sacrificing any KanBo features.

It is important to note that once we provide you the software, we have no access to the information you store within KanBo nor does KanBo send anything home. With KanBo deployed on your in-house infrastructure, you are in total control of your data at all times.

The infrastructure prerequisites and the installation procedure can be found here.

KanBo on your Microsoft Office 365

Achieve excellency in productivity in your Microsoft Office 365 and your Azure environment with KanBo

Whether you are a small business or a global enterprise, KanBo can be deployed within any of the Microsoft Office 365 plans. Here are some ways in which KanBo efficiently integrates with your Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Environment:

  • It can be added as a SharePoint App, as well as an Azure Active Directory App and integrates deeply with the underlying Office Groups architecture.
  • KanBo utilizes the Office Graph API to consume Microsoft Office 365 services, or can use native APIs and Web Services of the particular products like SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, Outlook, Stream, OneDrive, Azure Active Directory, etc.
  • KanBo supports Microsoft Office 365 Single Sign On (SSO) and can also talk bi-directionally to Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Power Automate.
  • KanBo integrates into Microsoft Teams in multiple ways – through Tabs, Adaptive Cards, Connector, Messaging extensions, Task modules, Deep links,
  • Activity feed integrations and finally with the powerful KanBo Bot named “K” [keɪ].

It is important to note that we can provide you the KanBo software that can be installed on your Microsoft Office 365 and Azure tenant. KanBo does not send any of your data to external parties nor to us. KanBo runs as part of your organization’s native cloud infrastructure and puts you in full control of your business data ensuring that nothing leaves your Microsoft Office 365/Azure environment.

Learn how to install KanBo on your Microsoft Office 365 environment now.

KanBo as Software as a Service (SaaS)

Fully operational KanBo Environment with locational flexibility

You don’t need to have an IT department to reap the benefits of KanBo. With our SaaS option, we can easily handle KanBo’s technical side on your behalf. To sweeten our SaaS offer further: YOU get to choose the country where KanBo data will be stored and KanBo will be operated there just for you.

No matter what the size of your team may be, all you need is a browser to get started with KanBo immediately without the need for any kind of technical resources. We take care of all operational aspects, setup, software maintenance and the support, while you take your business forward with KanBo.

SLA Contracts are available upon request.