Let everyone feel as a relevant part of something greater at WORK

Card: creates the simple and dynamic work context in real-time which has been shown to reduce the time spent on collaboration and task co-ordination by approximately 40%

Document Groups: allow you to organize your documents to make it easier for you to keep everything organized

Card Activity Stream: A glimpse into work activities for effective communication & traceability

Mentioning: By using this feature you can immediately bring attention to a co-worker, make the communication powerful and effective

To-do Lists: Lets you create a list of tasks to complete in order to achieve the bigger goal

Board: provides a visible and actual record of what is happening at any point of the process in a meaningful and consistent way

Card Relations: gives you the flexibility to build more complex connections with relations between one card and others, depending on your goals

Timeline: provides a visual way of thinking about projects that results in better decision making and greater clarity on your project

Card Status:lets you check the status of any card without opening it

Card Dates and Reminders: In simple words, this is the best way to keep track of dates, deadlines and some important information on projects

Board Lists: Vertical List of projects and tasks in the context of a project

Labels: Capture key pieces of information that you want to highlight on a Card

Board Collections: Systematically & logically organize the information your team and business needs in such a way that it’s easy for everyone

Board Templates: a great way to build a better process as your organization’s accumulated process and project management knowledge

Modern Gannt Chart: a master planner that offers huge functionality on planning and scheduling and helps you better understand all the important parts that go into a successful project.

Date Dependencies: guard the conditional dependencies between the critical parts of your project, so you can get the full picture of progress each time you define changes to the scope of tasks or change scope of activities.

Critical Path Method (CPM): gives you a much better sense of project expectations

User View in Board: Consolidates all the information about every team member, and automatically organize data in a coherent way to develop a better understanding of what’s happening in that Board

Board Scorecard: one place to provide the overall scope and schedule of your project

Board Analytics: Focuses on understanding all aspects of a project. The more you understand, the more you can achieve

Work Completion: keep track of what cards have been completed and what’s left to be done by grouping cards by users, labels, time, status or list to make scopes of work truly visible and actionable

Portfolio Analytics for C-Suite & Executives: provides a set of analytics, statistics, and calculations to get work insights immediately.

Mobile Notifications: shows you what’s important to you, no matter where you are

Responsive Design on Any Device: work in multiple devices: desktop, tablet, mobiles, browsers, smart TVs

Offline: KanBo has got you covered even when there is no network

Create invincible organizations with PEOPLE who care

Responsible and Co-workers in card: clarification of responsibility vs co-workers

Invite others to participate: Right minds working at the right time is the key to increasing the agility of your organization

Discover similar contexts: helps to build a collaborative future using shared information and collective skill

MyBoard visibility: another dimension that expands the view of work. Don’t know where your projects are? MyBoard shows you!

Shareable Board Collections: the ability to share Board Collections across departments makes them invaluable for an organization

Flight Levels of Work: a way of organizing processes and activities by adding and removing layers that are relevant to the current stage of work

KanBo Questions: let knowledge be shared and reused by others in an efficient way

KanBo Insights:  a new home for the collective knowledge for teams across your company, to save time and frustration finding relevant information

Augmenting Knowledge: allowing people to find new avenues to learn, organize and work together using KanBo cards

KanBo Notes: a place to put ideas, notes and more, to share with others

KanBo Bookmarks: find what you need at all times by simply bookmarking any action or comment in the stream.

Drag, Drop, Move and Collapse all elements in KanBo: This powerful feature allows you to arrange Card elements however you want

Detail Levels in Notifications: gives users complete control over how they receive notifications

Board Chat: for Board members to discuss ideas, plans, or tasks that are not related to any of the cards but related to the purpose of the board itself

Measure how people use KanBo: will help you understand the complexity of a given task and the time required to accomplish it, which can give you a better idea of the impact of this task on a specific team or department

Notifications in real time: the notifications system will provide you with quick and easy access to a number of notifications related to you

Detail Levels in Streams: personalize the view of the stream by selecting one of the three predefined filters

KanBo Block-ups: It can help the people whose work is delayed get a quicker resolution by being more aware of the time taken. This is especially helpful if a user isn’t able to resolve their work due to other commitments

User Activity Stream: can be the key to getting your work done faster by showing you what that person is working on, give you information without you having to bother them!

Give TIME a meaning and become excellent

MyBoard: the most versatile and simple way of planning, creating and managing your work, without leaving you with the burden of keeping track of everything. The only difference is that you do not have to look for tasks on your boards, but just find them in the MyBoard

Personal Dates and Reminders: offers an option to set your own Reminders so you can be notified about specific card

MyBoard Views: provides a useful overview of your work and multiple views of your workstream in a single place

MyBoard fill rules: Set your own rules that will control the cards that will be added to your MyBoard

Outlook/Google Calendar Integration: real time synchronization between all your calendar applications in your workspace

Private Cards: allows you to have your own personal digital space for your thoughts, ideas, and tasks that you can access at any time

Card Templates: make use of templates for all areas of a project and simplify your workflow for everyone in the team

Calendar View: A view on the KanBo Board to keep track of what needs to get done

Mute Notifications: KanBo offers a new way to work and keep productive by keeping your work environment on mute so you can stay focused. You can set notifications to alert you only when you need to hear them in order to stay focused

Board Activity Stream: It is a great way to get up-to-date info about Board Activity, without ever looking at a single card that’s been posted to the Board

Share Cards Externally: protects sensitive information and allows users to securely share content they need with people outside the organization without any risk of exposure of the entire Board.

Child-card Groups: The parent card can have child cards scattered across many KanBo Boards where dedicated teams deliver these parts of work needed to accomplish the work in the parent card

Real Time Broadcast: No matter the time of day or the time zones you always get to know the latest activities in real time, all happening at the same time and in the same place

Activity Presence: indicates the activity status of a user in KanBo.

Current Visitors: visual confirmation of a colleague being present in the same working context with you provides higher level of transparency and a sense of connectedness

Action Indicators: provides a quick overview of your project progress, by showing the number of changes made in the current card, the status of each change, and when each change was made

Read Receipts: a good indicator to show how many members are on board and up to date with the current status of the work context

Following KanBo Elements: allows you to follow KanBo cards or KanBo board, the information will be pushed to your personal notification stream and you will automatically see your most important messages based on what you have chosen

Meaningful Enterprise Search Experience: Find meaningful answers that help you discover information that matches your interests

Documents: No more worrying about work documents being changed, lost or duplicated. KanBo handles all this automatically, without any effort from you, while ensuring that you always have the latest version and all changes are tracked

Email to KanBo Board: allow you to send an email directly to a KanBo Board or to an existing card

Filters: The quick way to jump to any part of your KanBo Board and view cards that match your filter

Card Grouping: arrange card to face the needs of any specific task: group by lists, users, labels or due date

KanBo Bot: KanBo integrates into Microsoft Teams in multiple ways – through Tabs, Adaptive Cards, Connector, Messaging extensions, Task modules, Deep links, Activity feed integrations and finally with the powerful KanBo Bot named “K” [keɪ].

Public Boards: provide a more effective way to leverage internal resources and to build knowledge that is in line with your organization’s internal goals and objectives. This content can be used to help your employees engage more effectively and to build a more cohesive knowledge base

Archiving of Cards and Boards: a good way to keep your boards organized

Auto-find Boards and Board Collections: upon creation of a new board or board collection, it automatically shows you boards that cover similar topics

Bridge the gap between your TECHNOLOGY and your business

KanBo on-premises: a comprehensive solution for enterprises wanting to secure their data with a highly scalable technology

KanBo on your Microsoft Office 365: Maximize performance in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure thanks to KanBo

KanBo as Software as a Service (SaaS) : KanBo can be implemented in many variations to suit your needs. If there are no technical resources, we will take care of it for you. We will handle all operational matters, configuration, software maintenance and technical support, with you working with KanBo.

SharePoint App on premise: provides a secure, private way for your SharePoint infrastructure to be managed, with all the security that is expected by SharePoint

KanBo App for Microsoft Teams – having access to KanBo is a must if you want to work through cloud based workplace communications like meetings and conference calls in the right environment

Google G Suite extension – the seamless integration enables you to get connected with Google in KanBo as it is the best way to stay connected with all your work in the growing enterprise of the future

Amazon Web Services – Using KanBo with Amazon Web Services is a great way to build a project management system and manage your team’s projects in one place

Store your KanBo data in any location on the planet: you choose the storage model that will best fit your needs, whether it is on-premise or cloud

Put Active Directory at the center: control access to your KanBo Board from Active Directory using a set of rules to determine who can login

Granular access levels to Boards: Visitors, Members and Owners: each user can be set up with different access level

Disable deletion: prevent Cards or Boards from being deleted

Compliance and Proof of Process: KanBo ensures that all Cards or Boards streams are immutable

Microsoft Outlook KanBo AddIn: brings the power of KaBo to Microsoft Outlook, making sure everything relevant for your team is instantly accessible in KanBo

KanBo App for Microsoft Teams: adds a new dimension of work management to Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Document Libraries & OneDrive: KanBo lets you work seamlessly with your entire SharePoint & OneDrive in an integrated, unified environment that is easy and secure to use

Custom Actions for Microsoft Power Automate (former Microsoft Flow): allows organizations to build custom KanBo actions within Microsoft Power Automate and share those actions with the rest of the organization

Nintex Integration: Automate all of your existing process with Nintex

Egnyte Integration: Scalability, security and knowledge management all in one place

Import Data from everywhere: centralize disparate data and drive collaboration: create a centralized work context that drives innovation and efficiency and enable your team to be more efficient through effective work execution

KanBo application programming interface (API): Create custom application integrated with KanBo

KanBo Plugins: Use plugins to customize set of available KanBo features and services

KanBo WebHooks:  KanBo takes advantage of powerful events in its services

Pushing data in real-time with SignalR: All user’s actions are displayed in the real-time

Custom Document Sources and Custom Data Sources for KanBo: Attach custom Document Libraries and other sources of documents to KanBo


Lists: a visually-pleasing way to see all cards in the listsThey may represent a collection of ideas, things to remember, or the different stages of a workflow

Calendar: gives you a sense of the size of your project, as you can see all your cards in one view

Gantt Chart: track and manage every aspect of your projects so that everything is up to date, organized, and productive

Analytics: allows you to see what is happening at the Board level and get details about all actions

Chat: the place where Board Members can send messages without having to go to a specific card


by any typed text: type for the word you want, then Filter will show only the cards with that keyword

by choosing labels: organize and prioritize work contexts and cards by labels

by choosing users: pick a user you want to filter and see all cards where this user is added either as Responsible or Member

by card status (only if statuses are enabled in this board): filter out cards by the progress of completing a task, using statuses of cards

by dates: choose a date and KanBo will show you only cards with it


General Settings

    • go to KanBo config
    • show version of KanBo
    • set default board template – this means that all boards will be created using the template by default, unless you choose otherwise while creating the Board.
    • disable and enable the deletion of the Board.
    • see the amount of KanBo licenses
    • see the number of users (normal and lite) in this KanBo instance

Board Settings

List Settings

    • Change list color
    • Change list title

My Settings

    • General
    • Notifications



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German (Austria)




Office 365 groups extension: take advantage of powerful integrations with Office 365 components like Single Sign On, Microsoft Teams, Graph API

On Premise: Install KanBo using your own hardware infrastructure behind your firewall

Egnyte installation: keep documents on enterprise-level Egnyte platform and re-use Azure AD authentication