KanBo and Microsoft ms teams integration

KanBo for Microsoft Teams

Empower your organization with a comprehensive integration of work coordination and ad-hoc communication.

Leveraging and Extending Microsoft Teams

The integration of KanBo and Microsoft Teams provides unprecedented transparency and work coordination capabilities to empower self-organizing teams and helps form fully functional remote teams by offering employees the ultimate freedom and convenience. Chat, plan, execute, meet, and collaborate on one unified platform, no matter where you are or what device you have at hand. Together, these two platforms provide the perfect work environment for purpose driven organizations.

Combine enterprise level work management on KanBo Boards with ad-hoc communication on Microsoft Teams

Adding KanBo to your Microsoft Teams strategy unlocks a new dimension of work management that promotes transparency and improves the work environment by defining a clear contextual structure for work and progress with elements of immediate team collaboration.

The illustration shows a man with a big pencil and notebook in front of him

Stronger collaboration

Turn Messages into Action
Create tasks directly from chat messages in MS Teams

Your Single Source of Truth
Only one single source for documents in both platforms – no duplicates

Integrated Streams
View task activity streams in MS Teams conversations with MS Teams connector

Enterprise Kanban with Teams
Coordinate work for your team with fully equipped Kanban Boards embedded as MS Teams Tab

Take collaboration to the Next Level
Extend collaboration in MS Teams private channels with KanBo Board Tabs

Faster coordination

Enabling Effective Coordination
Access work and its detailed history by using KanBo Boards as your central work coordination for every channel

Keep Track of Dependencies
Add Tasks relations and build dependencies across multiple Boards and Channels for effective execution

Enterprise Level Timeline
Take control of time with the interactive Timeline view with all tasks and dates (even from Outlook)

Stay Updated with Reminders
Use KanBo Task Reminders to get notifications about the approaching deadlines in MS Teams

The illustration shows a woman with a lot of hands, it looks like she can do a lot of things at once
The illustration shows a man with a big pencil and notebook in front of him

Efficient planning

Plan like a pro with Modern Gantt Chart
Leverage the Modern Gannt Chart and start real time taming of even the most difficult schedules.

Stay in control with Real-time Insights
Get real time insights if deadlines slip and see the impact immediately with Date dependencies (CPM)

Boost Performance with Analytics
Utilize Board Score Card with enterprise level work management Analytics like Cumulative Flow Diagrams

Monitor Progress
Get immediate User workload view for any Board to view progress and capacity

Enhanced knowledge management

Search for Meaning
Find meaningful answers not just documents or links by using KanBo Enterprise Search Experience directly in MS Teams

Bookmark Critical Information
Preserve critical work information within comprehensive contexts with KanBo bookmarks on Cards

Reliably Store MS Teams Information
Store unstructured MS Teams discussions and other information in a persistent and contextual way that does not evaporate over time

See what’s Relevant to you
Personalize your information stream powered by more granular context and only see what is relevant to you directly in MS Teams and KanBo

The illustration shows a woman with a lot of hands, it looks like she can do a lot of things at once
The illustration shows a man with a big pencil and notebook in front of him

Better productivity

Meet your new team member – the KanBo Bot
Talk to the KanBo Bot to get information about work and how it relates to you in a MS Teams private chat

Smart Interaction with Tasks
Interact with tasks directly within any MS Teams conversation by setting due dates, adding labels or people to tasks

Build Perfect Workflows in an Instant
Use KanBo Board templates and Card templates and create perfect workflows right away

Meaningful Insights on productivity
Get insights of your own priorities and outstanding tasks with Personal Kanban directly in a private Tab in MS Teams for better personal productivity

Get Updates on MS Teams
Bind the activity stream of any KanBo task or KanBo Board to any channel to stay informed about the progress of work directly in MS Teams

User management

Single Sign On
Enjoy Single Sign On across Microsoft 365 as KanBo uses the same underlaying infrastructure (Active Azure Directory) as MS Teams

Sync KanBo board with MS Teams
Link a KanBo Board with a Team in MS Teams and your user management will be always in sync (bidirectional)

Give MS Teams enterprise-level depth into work
Create as many Boards as you need to extend a Team in MS Teams – the documents and users will always be in sync between both systems

KanBo full External Users support
Invite external users to participate in KanBo and control their onboarding and access through MS Teams

The illustration shows a woman with a lot of hands, it looks like she can do a lot of things at once

KanBo has one of the richest Integrations into MS Teams on the market

  • Private Tabs and Channel Tabs
  • Adaptive Cards
  • Parameterized Connectors
  • Messaging Extensions
  • Task Modules
  • Deep Links
  • Link unfurling
  • Bidirectional User Sync between a Team and KanBo Board
  • Same permission levels: Owners and Members
  • Same documents in both: Teams and KanBo (no duplicates)
  • KanBo support for External Users
  • and finally, the powerful KanBo Bot

How to get started with KanBo as part of your Microsoft Teams ecosystem?

Visit the Microsoft Teams Apps Store and follow the instructions on how to install KanBo for Microsoft Teams or contact us for hybrid or private cloud KanBo installations.

Get started with KanBo today and accelerate your business like never before

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