6 advanced features to improve personal work efficiency

What is personal work efficiency in enterprise?

Personal work efficiency in the enterprise is the result which shows how employee achieves the goals under specific conditions, with a certain quality and optimal cost or speed of transition from the current state to the desired one.

Personal work efficiency in the enterprise is also defined by the work or tasks completed in a single workday or single work period by a single employee.

Personal work efficiency in the enterprise allow:

  • employees to set and control tasks.
  • employees to review projects completed and to provide feedback.
  • employees to present and share their opinions.
  • employees to share information with external clients in real-time.
  • employees to do brainstorming sessions with their colleagues, and clients.
  • employees to share issues with appropriate personnel.
  • in addition to providing technology, the productivity cross-functional team offers training and coaching to help employees in the enterprise with the development of the most appropriate work style and culture in the enterprise.

In this guide, we will present 6 KanBo functionalities that help to achieve personal work efficiency in the enterprise. Thanks to this guide employees will learn how to use the most popular techniques to increase personal productivity using KanBo.

How-to improve personal Work Efficiency in the enterprise using KanBo MyBoard

1. Visualize work first

Employees in the enterprise need visual boards to keep track of things in everyday work. Don’t let your work go out of sight and out of your mind by visualizing it in a natural way. KanBo software with MyBoard brings work into focus by creating a landscape of work you can easily navigate and understand. Simply add all your tasks to your MyBoard and use features such as timeline, grouping by projects, dates, and personal reminders to help you stay in control of work and boost personal efficiency in enterprise.

MyBoard – Personal Kanban

KanBo’s MyBoard allows you to visualize and prioritize your own work stream. Move cards, set dates & reminders, get insights and more with KanBo.

2. Set goals and know your priorities

With KanBo MyBoard, the employee can set their tasks priorities during goals which have to achieve in daily work in the enterprise. Handling tasks depending on each priority is as easy as moving cards between lists or moving them up and down within the lists of tasks. KanBo software perfectly visualizes what needs to be done in which order.

3. Stay updated

Using KanBo MyBoard an enterprise employee stays update with information and can view all your work and recent developments without any additional effort. Since everything in KanBo occurs in real-time, employees can have a consistent picture of work contexts that enhances collaboration on all levels across the enterprise. Utilizing innovative KanBo features such as action indicatorscurrent visitorsread receiptsactivity streams and presence indicators can help enterprises to reach new heights of efficiency at work.

4. Access from anywhere on any device

Employees in the enterprise should work around energy instead of hours at any place and at any time. Access from anywhere on any device is all about achieving the maximum efficiency by the employee from anyplace in the world. KanBo software and MyBoard is equipped with many features that facilitate a perfect remote work environment. Employees in the enterprise can solve block ups fast by recognizing who is waiting for and why or receive distinct notifications when you are on the move. MyBoard represents some of the functionalities of KanBo especially designed to meet the requirements of enterprise workplaces to achieve personal work efficiency beyond time zones and geographical locations.

5. Focus and Finish

Focus on work and finish work. One of the main features of the MyBoard is to limit employee work in progress so you can focus on work and tasks at hand and finish them properly before you take on new work.

6. Boost team engagement with Transparency and Trust

With the option of share MyBoard with others, the employee can actively display their priorities and current work engagements with a team member. By doing so employees not only opening up a whole new realm of efficiency in enterprise but also demonstrating trust – the raw material for building the best teams. By seeing what is on each other’s plates, team members develop a renewed sense of mutual respect for each other’s work and experience a boost in morale that can improve team engagement and overall efficiency in enterprise.


Can I use KanBo on a company corporate equipment?

Absolutely. KanBo is a customized solution for enterprise use for corporate equipment and can also be accessed on the company’s secure servers: on-prem and Cloud. In a very simple operation, employees can link the KanBo application and work with other employees in the enterprise from anywhere in the world to complete their tasks and assignments.

How does KanBo MyBoard address the challenges of business?

KanBo MyBoard will bring out the true potential of the employee in the enterprise, enabling employees to do more efficiently and providing strong corporate governance and performance in the company. KanBo MyBoard is a custom-tailored solution that will provide increased corporate efficiency and productivity for the workforce in the enterprise.

In which departments or industries should KanBo MyBoard be used?

KanBo MyBoard is perfect for any kind of company with a clear vision and strategy that revolves around efficiency in its workforce. The area can be customized to work with diverse industries and companies around the world. It is a perfect choice for:

  • Manufacturing, where regulatory compliance rules are addressed, along with manufacturing consistency, quality control, and quality maintenance.
  • Educational institutions, such as universities and colleges, which is a sector dominated by students and academics who have a single goal: getting a good education.
  • Hospitals and healthcare companies, where work transparency and medical services are a primary concern.
  • Real estate, where efficiency is essential for the office.
  • All industries need efficient productivity managers to optimize productivity.


With KanBo MyBoard, personal work efficiency in the enterprise can be lifted to new heights. Enjoy the feeling of being so deeply consumed by the passion for your work that time just flies by and you forget about the world around you. Try out now – 6 advance KanBo steps to improve personal work efficiency in the enterprise.

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