MyBoard – Personal Kanban

KanBo’s MyBoard allows you to visualize and prioritize your own work stream. Move cards, set dates & reminders, get insights and more with KanBo.

Personal Kanban redefines the way you manage your tasks. All your work and delegated cards show up in the personal Kanban board where you can practice your unique work style. Get useful insights and multiple visualizations on personal tasks to transform the way you work.

You will need KanBo to use MyBoard.

You can also see MyBoard in action by accessing Sandbox demonstration environment now.

Key usage points:  

  • Work stream
  • Personal cards
  • Personal dates
  • Personal reminders
  • Your unique work style
  • Read only access for co-workers
  • Calendar view
  • Timeline View
  • Kanban view
  • Automation and Rules