As Atlassian Adopts Cloud IT Consultants & Agile Coaches Search for On-Premise Alternative

Jira has been the go-to on-premise application deployment platform for years for an overwhelming majority of IT consultants and agile coaches. They didn’t only rely on Jira Server themselves but introduced it to many organizations and enterprises around the world. A large percentage of these companies cannot rely on a cloud-based product due to their mandatory compliance requirements that demand adherence to regulations, legal provisions, and/or internal security policies and standards. There are a number of viable reasons why organizations chose on-premise software instead of a cloud-based one. 

Now that Atlassian has discontinued Jira Server in favor of a cloud product, many organizations are left with no choice but to search for an alternative. Atlassian might argue that Data Center is still a part of their services but their long-term vision of ‘journey to the cloud’ doesn’t bode well for the companies, IT consultants, and agile coaches who want an on-premise focused approach. So is there an alternative to Jira Server? Let’s find out. 

KanBo as Jira  alternative

KanBo is the Jira Alternative IT Consultants & Agile Coaches Are Searching For

If you are one of the IT Consultants or Agile coaches who are looking for the right combination of the security of an on-premises infrastructure along with the cutting-edge technology that empowers the organization to achieve innovation and success, KanBo on-premise software is one of the best solutions you can find. It is a key component of any Agile methodology, with even more promise in those companies where the KanBo has been adopted for management purposes. 

KanBo software has the capability to be deployed on your technology infrastructure in a seamless manner and according to your business needs as an IT Consultant or Agile coach. You don’t even need to make any compromises related to KanBo features. And once we deploy your tailored KanBo software, we neither have any access to the data and information you store in KanBo nor does KanBo send anything back to us. With KanBo deployed on your in-house infrastructure, your organization is the only one that is in total control of your data at all times. 

What Does KanBo Offer to IT Consultants?

If you are an IT Consultant, KanBo on-premise software empowers you to achieve a lot more ensuring you meet your milestones driving growth and success. 

What Does KanBo Offer to Agile Coaches?

As an Agile coach, KanBo on-premise software enables you to adapt to the ever-evolving business needs and ensure you remain ahead of the curve at all times. 

Essential Features of KanBo On-Premise

IT Consultants and Agile Coaches who are now searching for a Jira Server alternative for their clients can put their trust in KanBo. Critical on-premise features that make KanBo stand out include the following: 


If you are an IT Consultant or an Agile Coach who is looking for an on-premise solution that delivers more than just the basics, KanBo is what you should be thinking about. We can provide you with prompt professional assistance as well in terms of choosing a partner for your organization who knows and understands KanBo better than anyone but most importantly, someone who is completely committed to providing you with the best software experience. 

In today’s highly competitive industry, the business edge is achieved by aligning your IT practices with the right technology solutions. You, as an IT Consultant or an agile coach, along with your clients can acquire this competitive edge by choosing KanBo software for the entire enterprise. Relying on KanBo means we bring a comprehensive solution and we can achieve better collaboration, more reliable management, knowledge management and information flow, which has become increasingly essential for Agile teams working for your clients. 

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