Jira Core server version discontinued on February 2, 2024 PT.

Jira Core server version discontinued on February 2, 2024 PT.

The following change will go into effect:

This means that support and bug fixes will no longer be available for Jira server products.

KanBo as a business project management software is the best alternative for Jira Core.

KanBo as a business project management software is the best alternative for Jira Core.

See all project information, task, dependencies at a glance with KanBo software.

Manage company projects and keep teams organized.

Manage Projects

Managing projects and tasks in KanBo starts with a Board.

Boards define your process and enable your team to track tasks. KanBo instances also have lists, roles, and statuses that allow you to visualize your workflows and drag and drop tasks from one stage to another.

KanBo Project management functionality is available in on-premises and cloud versions. To get started, you can start KanBo with a single board and a basic project definition.

Projects and tasks can be created with a few clicks, and the ability to work with KanBo on a centralized server onpremises or cloud means your team can manage projects and tasks within the KanBo application across entire enterprise.

Create a collaborative working space with KanBo.

Monitor Details

Task management is easier with responsibilities, statuses, comments, and attachments in one place.

Using KanBo everyone knows a project’s details at a glance without having to chat, email, or set up a meeting. With notifications, you’ll know when your attention is needed.

Share tasks with others by adding coworkers, attach files, comments, to-do’s, and related Cards, to stay connected and up-to-date on what’s going on. When a card goes on, everyone receives the updates.

All comments are automatically displayed in the Card Activity Stream, so everyone has a way to contribute. By working together with KanBo, you’ll know what everyone’s up to and communicate more effectively.

Provide seamless work coordination with KanBo.

Measure Performance

How many tasks are still in progress? Which team member has too much on their plate?

Using KanBo software, you can follow the status of your team’s projects in different ways: with a quick overview, customized views, or even a pre-defined report. Add a calendar view, timeline view, Gantt Chart view and you’re set.

Grow your business in the enterprise by using the power of business analytics.

Improve Team Productivity

Project managers and project owners can see how productive their team members are.

These views allow you to provide on-demand feedback on your employees, track progress, and align everyone with your mission. With KanBo, team members can also adjust their work processes, use KanBo dashboards to monitor specific tasks and goals and have some additional time in their days, letting them be more productive, focusing on their work and helping you meet your goals.

Understand and optimize the future of productivity.

Discover KanBo as an alternative software for Jira


Since Atlassian is shutting down Jira Server due to financial reasons, KanBo On-Premises has emerged as the best alternative offering security, features, and reliability.


Matrix organizations with Scrum Teams can trust KanBo software to deploy their agile methodologies and accomplish their objectives and milestones within resource limitations.


Since Atlassian has discontinued Jira Server, IT departments in large organizations want a viable on-premises alternative. KanBo might be the solution!


KanBo is the project management software for Agile organizations

Scrum Boards

The scrum framework enables Agile teams in the entire enterprise to manage complex projects by creating a culture of collaboration.

The KanBo scrum board is the template that unites teams around a single goal and promotes iterative, incremental delivery. KanBo scrum board helps enterprises build business value through a culture of collaboration.

This board is presented in holistic view, giving equal importance to new projects, previously introduced projects, specs, and execution plans. This framework can be used across all verticals.

Companies should look for a KanBo scrum board that can be easily set up by a single scrum master. This board is prepared to scale with all the requirements of the enterprise.

Scrum – Effective Implementation

Kanban Board

Kanban is a common framework for Agile organizations that provides transparency of work and team capacity.

Kanban boards in KanBo Software help teams visualize their workflow, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency. Flexible kanban boards give Agile teams full visibility into what’s next so you can continuously deliver maximum output in minimal cycle time. You can use KanBo Software to create Kanban boards for an entire enterprise.

We have made it easy to get started. Use the Kanban view to design a Kanban board to suit your business. Once you are happy with your design you can add your team to collaborate on your board. It is simple to communicate progress and plans to your Kanban board and create visibility of the team’s work.

Kanban – End-to-End

Roadmaps in KanBo Software

Plan smarter, communicate better, and release more predictably

Plan and track how teams making progress on the big picture across multiple projects across entire enterprise. Track dependencies across multiple tasks and projects to get ahead of dependencies and blockers across your organization.

Measure and improve the reliability of your project plan through feedback and analytics. Communicate clearly and clearly communicate better. Deliver consistently, over time, across all sites.

Implement KanBo Software tools to track all enterprise data, analyze cross-site dependencies, and consistently drive better project management.

Roadmaps make our plans real

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