KanBo’s SCRUM planning template is dedicated to Scrum teams which are self-organizing and cross-functional in enterprise business.

Build successful sprints with KanBo’s SCRUM Planning template. With clear goals, tasks, and backlogs defined, your Development Team can focus on the highest priority work. The Product Owner and Srum Master are responsible for tasks, products and can collaborate asynchronously with the Development Team. KanBo’s real-time and remote features help Scrum Teams stay up to date with a consistent picture of the Sprint.

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KanBo Template Board SCRUM (Sprint planning)

KanBo’s Scrum Planning Template will support:

  • Agenda with Sprint Planning
  • Product Backlog
  • Spring Backlog
  • Increment delivery
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Teams capacity and resource availability
  • Real-time analytics
  • Backlog items dependencies
  • Responsible and co-working mode
  • Remote Access 24/7
  • Works across all devices
  • Kanban and Gantt chart view

How to work as a SCRUM Team in Enterprise Business:

1. Create a Scrum Team and add Product Owner, the Development Team, and a Scrum Master to the Board.

TIP: The Development Team consists of professionals who do the work of delivering a potentially releasable Increment of “Done” product at the end of each Sprint

2. Work with Scrum Events

  • The Sprint – use KanBo Lists, they may represent a collection of ideas, things to remember, or the different stages of a workflow
  • Sprint Planning – use KanBo Gantt chart, a bar chart which shows you a project schedule in a highly visual manner
  • Daily Scrum – use KanBo Card, it might represent new software features, story leads, legal cases, things to buy at the store, freelance clients, potential employees, or customer support issues
  • Sprint Review – use KanBo Board Views, make it possible to explore Board in many dimensions and use extra features of a Board
  • Sprint Retrospective – use KanBo Board Activity Stream, Scrum Team has a possibility to check the history of action that happened in a Sprint

3. Use Scrum Artifacts

  • Product Backlog, create a new KanBo Board, a product, project, resource, or organizational structure that is under continuous development, though a board can represent anything and have a variety of uses
  • Sprint Backlog, use Card Relations, set a logical relation for every Product Backlog items and gain a new view of the dependencies between your work activities
  • Increment, see Work completion calculation, summarizes how much work was completed based on the assumption that all Product Backlog items take a similar effort to the complete

4. Create a culture of transparency

  • Definition of “Done”, check List descriptions, you can add a description of “Done” to a List easily
  • Agile working Culture, In agile environments, work transcends the boundaries of the office space and becomes an independent activity.

3 most powerful features in SCRUM Planning

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Accelerate your business with actionable information and intelligent insights. Make informed business decisions with real-time insights on your valuable data. KanBo’s reports and live dashboards ensure that business leaders and teams stay on the right track to accelerate towards success and definitive goal achievement

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Get a complete view of your organization with real-time visibility at all management levels. Making critical business decisions requires having the right information available in real-time for faster & smarter execution. With KanBo you make better decisions that have a strategic impact

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Keep up with your remote teams. Maximize the benefits of remote work through effective communication with your remote workforce. KanBo helps businesses form fully functional remote teams that offer employees the ultimate freedom and convenience

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Just download it and use the Add Template from file feature in KanBo. Then add a new board based on the recently uploaded template.


You can also see this template in action by accessing our Sandbox demonstration environment now.