KanBo provides effective Work Management empowering Self-Organized Teams

Our mission is to help purpose-driven organizations to achieve their goals and to make an impact.

Our strategy to generate long-term value for our customers is built upon these 4 central pillars:


Let everyone feel as a relevant part of something greater at WORK

Work coordination simplified, so people can focus on things only people can do

KanBo at work is when all members of your team know what needs to be done and they do it. With KanBo, work is done without fear of individual reprisal and people take responsibility for stuff.

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Create invincible organizations with PEOPLE who care

KanBo empowers company cultures based on transparency and trust

KanBo supports different workstyles and hybrid methodologies across your organisation to foster responsibility, autonomy and mastery.


Give TIME a meaning and become excellent

Regain time at your organization for the work that matters most

With focus and clarity your team has finally time to think, experiment & explore ideas. Inspire your team with KanBo and watch them deliver their best results ever.

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Bridge the gap between your TECHNOLOGY and your business

KanBo transforms technology in that stuff that just works

KanBo ensures that your employees stay ahead with integrations that work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and fit into your IT department’s governance policies. With KanBo, you can accelerate growth by maximizing the ROI on your technology ecosystems such as on-premises SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite, AWS and much more.

KanBo at a Glance

KanBo’s advanced real-time visualization of work makes work management highly engaging and efficient.

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Nature is full of inspiring examples of self-organized teamwork

KanBo as a product itself is an example of the true potential of human collaboration, creativity and passion driven by a shared purpose that brings out the best in people.

KanBo is carefully crafted by self-organized teams for self-organized teams.

Get started with KanBo today and accelerate your business like never before