10 KanBo Templates for Marketing Team working remotely

Remote Marketing Department in the enterprise is responsible for contacting internal and external stakeholders, maintaining an open line of communication, and most importantly: realizes Enterprise Business strategies.

Remote work has cemented its place in the business landscape as a viable alternative for the traditional work dynamic. Marketing is among the most important departments in any business and makes it remote allow to unlock new potential for growth for the enterprise.

  1. Business Roadmap
  2. Meeting Agenda
  3. Easy To-do list
  4. Brand Assent Management
  5. Editorial Calendar
  6. Customer Feedback
  7. Growith Experiments
  8. Content Factory
  9. Brainstorming by Alex F Osborn
  10. Ideas Bank

Thanks to technology, most marketing efforts have shifted towards the digital realm which makes marketing highly well-suited for remote work. Even with the ease provided by technology, adjusting the marketing department in the enterprise to a remote model might still prove to be challenging. Without the luxury of face to face communication in the real world, members of the remote marketing team will have to rely entirely on digital solutions such as videoconferences and document sharing. However, for a large marketing team with a wide range of responsibilities, these few features are simply not enough.

KanBo recognizes these key enterprise challenges faced by the Marketing Team which now work as a Remote Marketing Team. These 10 templates are ready to use for the implementation of marketing projects, initiatives, and strategies in remote mode.

1. Business roadmap

Thanks to building a marketing strategy with the Business Roadmap template, the remote marketing team in the enterprise can gain first-hand knowledge and valuable insight into the key business strategies, initiatives, and projects being carried out by the organization. The Business Roadmap template is also home to all the main goals to be achieved and the overall vision of the enterprise. This is critical information for the remote marketing team which needs to align itself closely with these business goals in order to build marketing strategies to meet them.

Build a business roadmap with goals & milestones, and communicate your company’s or product’s vision. This template features timeline, Gantt chart and Kanban view and other useful functionality.

2. Meeting agenda

The marketing team in an enterprise when working in remote mode requires a framework for conducting productive meetings. The Meeting Agenda template allows the remote marketing team to lay out detailed meeting agendas that include key topics of discussion, action plans, results of the meeting, and more. Meeting participants can familiarize themselves with these details beforehand, so everyone knows what to talk about. The tasks or action points that occur as a result of the meeting can then easily be directly assigned to team members to ensure that each meeting meets its specific enterprise goals and every participant is immediately notified.

Make meetings more productive/Get more out of meetings with the meeting agenda template. Easily clarify the goals of your meeting and inform participants about details such as dates, locations and more. Include all necessary documents and crucial information in advance so people can be prepared to make the meeting a definite success. The meeting agenda template can help you run a smooth-sailing meeting and ensures it never strays from the main agenda.

3. Easy-to-do list

Easy To-do list template takes the simplistic concept of a digital Kanban board and takes it a step further with features fit for a high-functioning remote marketing team in an enterprise. With three lists: to-do, doing and done, the remote marketing department can organize tasks effectively and assign them to the responsible individuals. KanBo’s Easy-to-do list template is for the entire team to collaborate and communicate across the enterprise. With this template, a remote marketing team can benefit from the clarity and efficiency needed for heading top-notch marketing endeavors in the enterprise.

A simple yet intuitive way to organize your flow of work and manage tasks & subtasks with features including email, notifications, due dates and more.

4. Brand Asset Management

Remote Marketing departments are heavily involved in managing your corporate image and brand identity to put your best face forward. The Brand Asset Management template that makes up your branding identity needs to be readily available to the marketing department in enterprise for maintaining a consistent brand image. The brand asset management template makes this job a lot easier by creating a database that contains documents and information related to branding. From logos to presentation templates, this template holds the most updated versions of all these documents for your marketing team to find and utilize.

Achieve consistency in your corporate design and branding endeavors by bringing all style guides, branding information and best practices on one platform.

5. Editorial Calendar Blog

The Editorial Calendar template is much more than just a regular calendar for planning activities in the enterprise. Remote marketing teams in the enterprise can utilize it to plan editorials and collaborate across enterprise. KanBo’s remote access capabilities make this template invaluable for marketing teams that follow a remote model. An important aspect of that is remote collaboration. Marketing team members can make changes on the fly as those changes are versioned, making it easy to find out who made the changes and when. In this way, asynchronous work and remote access are made easier from any part of the world and at any time.

KanBo’s editorial calendar template allows enterprises and mid-sized businesses to organize, plan and manage product campaigns and publications and share strategies with the team.

6. Customer feedback

Customer feedback is essential for building successful marketing strategies in enterprise and campaigns that connect with the target audience. The Customer Feedback template allows the remote marketing team to gain insight into customer’s opinions, likes, and dislikes, to boost sales with intelligent marketing initiatives. This template makes it easy to manage customer feedback and respond to it while working in a remote marketing team in an enterprise.

Customer feedback is essential for building a connection with the target audience and building successful marketing campaigns.

Building an effective customer feedback strategy can help you manage feedback in the right way. This KanBo board is specially designed to help you operate a centralized customer feedback mechanism where you can turn feedback into actionable insights.

7. Growth Experiments

The marketing department in the enterprise is always in search of new innovative ideas that can turn into successful growth. The Growth Experiments template allows the remote marketing team in the enterprise to collaborate over fresh ideas and implement them to monitor the resulting KPIs and hypothesis. These experiments and their results are captured by the Growth Experiment template so the remote marketing team can decide what works and what doesn’t.

Experimentation is necessary for today’s success. KanBo’s growth experiment template allows for remote experiments with the marketing team.

The growth experiment template allows growth teams to connect experiments with business KPIs and generate synergy between goals and company expectations. Ensure success and maximize test outputs with KanBo.

8. Content factory for Copywriter

Content creation targeted for marketing efforts in the enterprise is often done remotely by freelancers or remote members of the marketing team. The Content Factory template is specially created for remote copywriters and marketing team members to collaborate over the content. From dealing with new work orders to publishing the content, this template brings all content creation in one place to streamline communication with 24/7 remote access.

The content factory template is the ultimate solution for copywriters to manage new work orders, revisions and publishing with all the necessary documents, instructions and collaborative features in one place.

9. Brainstorming by Alex F. Osborn

Proposed by Alex F. Osborn, brainstorming is a method of generating innovative ideas. The Brainstorming template models real-world brainstorming sessions for the remote marketing team in the enterprise. It is a place where people can bounce off ideas and capture them in one consolidated space. Brainstorming is all about quantity over quality and KanBo software allows teams to add unlimited ideas, choose the best ones, and then evaluate them to create an action plan. This template is essential for remote marketing departments on the lookout for fresh ideas.

KanBo models the brainstorming process in the digital realm to generate and promote new ideas for your remote marketing teams.

Implement the revolutionary ideas of Advertising executive Alex F. Osborn with KanBo’s brainstorming template for creative problem-solving and ideation.

10. Ideas bank

Ideas can strike at any time, but it matters where you choose to put them. Ditch the napkin, post-it, or notebook and next use the Ideas Bank template to capture ideas on the go. Remote marketing teams in the enterprise can guide their entire innovation workflow from creation to implementation of the idea as they collaborate over them in the Ideas Bank. With this template, the remote marketing teams in the enterprise have the ability to fight with competitors in the digital world where ideas are everywhere.

KanBo’s Ideas bank is the birthplace of amazing ideas. Innovate, visualize and collaborate over your ideas through all the stages with KanBo.

These 10 templates from KanBo software can serve as inspiration for the remote marketing teams to communicate effectively and lead successful marketing endeavors while working remotely across the enterprise.

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