Meeting Agenda

Sophisticated Meeting Agenda Template. Handle Pre-work for meeting and Easily set goals, date, location and responsible. Receive Reminders and notification for all participants with Remote and real time access to information from all devices.

Make meetings more productive/Get more out of meetings with the meeting agenda template. Easily clarify the goals of your meeting and inform participants about details such as dates, locations and more. Include all necessary documents and crucial information in advance so people can be prepared to make the meeting a definite success. The meeting agenda template can help you run a smooth-sailing meeting and ensures it never strays from the main agenda.

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KanBo template Board - meeting agenda

Key usage points:  

Here are the top feautes of our Meeting Agenda template:  

  • The purpose of the meeting is accessible to the participants  
  • Easy Accessibility for remote teams 
  • Never miss meeting dates and locations 
  • Include responsible individuals and the participants to keep them in the loop 
  • Increased focus with items of discussion 
  • Stay prepared with pre-work for the meeting. This will include any reading, documentation, data or any other preparation that will make your actual meeting successful. 
  • Relevant documents should be attached to the meeting notice and agenda when you distribute them to invited participants.  
  • Always Stay updated with Real time notifications and reminders 
  • Make the most out of meetings with meeting summary and designation of tasks  

3 most powerful features in Meeting Agenda

KanBo Timeline

May it be upcoming deadlines and events or past dates, you can keep track of all work-related dates with KanBo’s powerful Timeline feature. The Timeline borrows dates from KanBo cards and maps them as dots on an interactive line that represents time

The illustration showing a network of people sharing knowledge

Knowledge management in large organizations is a challenging task that can quickly lose structure. In the words of the Lewis E. Platt, the CEO of Hewlett Packard, “If HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.

Document Groups illustration

Relevant documents structured your way

  • Organize documents into groups to maintain a refined overview
  • Move groups up and down to adapt them to your workflow
  • Collapse or expand groups to maintain your personal work focus

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Just download it and use the Add Template from file feature in KanBo. Then add a new board based on the recently uploaded template.


You can also see this template in action by accessing our Sandbox demonstration environment now.