Brand Asset Management

Achieve consistency in your corporate design and branding endeavors by bringing all style guides, branding information and best practices on one platform.

The brand asset management template unifies your corporate design and branding resources to bring them all on one consistent platform. Now you can manage files, documents or images such as logo formats, corporate and style guidelines, artwork for digital or print products, templates for presentations, internal stationery design and social media visuals in their latest forms. This creates a self-service point which enables employees to get the branding materials they need without having to contact the marketing department. Employees can follow the cards or lists in the template to get instantly notified of new changes so they can always stay updated.

Download Template

You will need KanBo to use this template.

Just download it and use the Add Template from file feature in KanBo. Then add a new board based on the recently uploaded template.

You can also see this template in action by accessing our Sandbox demonstration environment now.

Key usage points:  

Brand Asset Management template include:  

  • Fast and convenient asset search
  • Grouping and filtering
  • Versioning of files
  • Branding asset approval process
  • Question and discussion
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Remote access to any piece of information about branding
  • Real time work experience