Business Roadmap

Build a business roadmap to keep stakeholders aligned on the strategic direction of the company. The business roadmap provides a big picture of where your business should go.

KanBo supports your business roadmap that illustrates interdependencies and serves as a framework to develop a long-term plan and execution strategy. The roadmap displays the company’s vision and keeps stakeholders aligned to the strategic direction of the company or product. Define core strategies through initiatives, projects and goals setting.

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KanBo template Board business roadmap

Key usage points:  

Business Road Map Template allows you to:
• Present your company’s or your product’s vision
• Define Business goals with milestones and see their cumulated progress
• Include Market insights
• Clarify Requirements and make an action plan
• Plan and track the progress
• Stay up to date Notification and reminders
• Store information securely with Confidential Documents Repository

3 most powerful features in Business Roadmap

KanBo Timeline

May it be upcoming deadlines and events or past dates, you can keep track of all work-related dates with KanBo’s powerful Timeline feature. The Timeline borrows dates from KanBo cards and maps them as dots on an interactive line that represents time

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Knowledge management in large organizations is a challenging task that can quickly lose structure. In the words of the Lewis E. Platt, the CEO of Hewlett Packard, “If HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.

Illustration showing elements of a KanBo card: conversations, members, calender, todo items, documents, mails, labels, charts, notifications.

A New Way of Managing Work Contexts. The full transparency provided by the cards creates a special synchronicity that eliminates the need for tedious searches and gives rise to natural collaboration between team members. Staying in sync with your team and projects has never been easier

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Just download it and use the Add Template from file feature in KanBo. Then add a new board based on the recently uploaded template.


You can also see this template in action by accessing our Sandbox demonstration environment now.