Atlassian Takes Away Jira Server, KanBo Offers Alternatives

Atlassian has made a shocking announcement that has left Jira server users hopeless and on the lookout for new solutions.

Due to the popularity of the cloud, Atlassian decided to permanently close the Jira Server, replacing it with its cloud alternative (You can read more about this decision here). While this may seem like a wise choice, Jira server customers who prefer on-premises over the cloud would beg to differ. 

In this uncertain time, KanBo would like to reiterate its commitment to offering KanBo for both on-premises and the cloud. This choice is a reflection of our beliefs that are firmly rooted in the freedom of choice that we provide to our customers. We believe in questioning the State of the Art, taking myths apart, and redefining what work is all about.
A part of this ideology has allowed us to provide KanBo as an inclusive and flexible solution that strikes the perfect balance between security and functionality to help you work with purpose and reach greater heights (More details about How KanBo is secure are here).

KanBo’s On–Premises – Stay Safe Within your Own Infrastructure and Firewall 

Oftentimes, you have to make the tough choice between security and functionality. This is the tough choice Jira is asking its customers to make in the wake of its bold decision. KanBo eliminates this choice so you don’t have to make a trade-off at all. Now you can have both security and functionality together with KanBo on-premises.  

While the cloud is all the rage these days, here are some reasons why some customers prefer to go for an on-premises solution: 

  • Customers may have created their own cloud infrastructure and want to utilize it with KanBo’s services (KanBo Cloud Installation instruction on M365 and Azure is here). 
  • Businesses that deal with highly sensitive data cannot compromise security by functioning on a public cloud. This includes industries such as healthcare, intelligence, governments, the military, and more. 

KanBo on-premises promises the cutting-edge technology that you would find in cloud applications with the security and infrastructure that suits your business. It is should be noted that once you have KanBo on-premises installed, we do not have any access to the information stored within your personal KanBo software. This puts you in total control of your data at all times (KanBo On-premises Installation Instruction is here). 

The project management, issue tracking, and bug tracking software Jira by Atlassian has been many companies’ go-to software over the years.

However, Atlassian recently announced the discontinuation of the Jira Server in favor of the cloud version, leaving many of its patrons in the lurch.

In light of this controversial decision, we would like to establish the many reasons why KanBo maintains its stance on providing both on–premises and cloud solutions to its customers. Join us as we go through the beliefs, values, and actionable decisions that KanBo has taken to deliver a flexible yet secure solution that meets business needs across multiple industries (ready-to-use KanBo business solutions are here).

KanBo as Jira  alternative

KanBo’s All-Inclusive Belief System 

We, at KanBo, believe in the power of trust as the key to success in an organization. This trust is fostered through our consistent and reliable services that provide the flexibility and business security you need to fulfill your organizational goals (more about KanBo beliefs is here).  

To fulfill our mission of making KanBo as accessible as possible for everyone across multiple industries, we give our customers full control over how they would like to use KanBo. While the cloud may be most people’s first option, there are many enterprises that favor on-premises solutions and KanBo has something for everyone. We have designed KanBo to integrate seamlessly with any infrastructure, may it be cloud or on-premises.  While Atlassian may have taken the bold decision to shift Jira permanently to the cloud, KanBo promises the best of both worlds for you and your organization. 

KanBo’s Thoughts on Cloud

From the beginning, KanBo has been an ardent supporter of giving customers the opportunity to make important choices regarding the services that they deploy. These choices are often affected by the type of infrastructure a company has and the security constraints of the organization.  

KanBo On Microsoft Office 365 – Enrich your Microsoft Office 365 Experience  

For those in favor of the cloud, KanBo seamlessly integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 and Azure environment. KanBo has a host of integrations with the Microsoft Office 365 and Azure environment to enrich your working experience. Much like the on-premises solution, KanBo does not send any data to external parties and ensures that you are in full control of all business data (information about KanBo and Microsoft integration is here). 

KanBo as Software as a Service (SaaS) – KanBo with Locational Flexibility 

KanBo also offers the choice of being utilized as Software As a Service (SaaS) for companies who don’t have an IT department. We can handle KanBo’s technical side on your behalf. In addition to that, you get to choose the country where your data needs to be stored and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

The Perfect Balance Between Flexibility and Stability  

As your business evaluates which platform to go for, it would be worth your while to consider KanBo’s perfect mix of stability and flexibility. Whether you choose KanBo SaaS, KanBo On–premises, or KanBo with O365, you will receive consistent services without fail.  

KanBo’s pricing model also reflects this inclusiveness and is built for organizations of different levels. Despite what type of infrastructure you have, KanBo provides four highly flexible pricing plans to meet all your needs. The pricing model goes from essential to enterprise, serving different levels of organizations. 

Have more questions (feel free to contact us)?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding KanBo’s services: 

Can my organization install KanBo on its own on-premise infrastructure? 

Yes, if your organization prefers a high level of security without compromising on functionality then KanBo on-premises is the right solution for you. If your company has been looking forward to integrating State of the Art cloud applications but security has always held you back, KanBo can help you reclaim your productivity. With KanBo on-premises, you can enjoy the full selection of KanBo’s robust features within the security of your private cloud or on-prem infrastructure (a list of KanBo Features is here).  

Where is stored data when my organization uses KanBo?

As you use KanBo for your day-to-day activities, your sensitive data is stored in the location of your choice. KanBo can assist you with the right security strategies to suit your business’ security compliance standards. From local servers to a public cloud, KanBo has the ability to store its data in any infrastructure of your choice. Whether it is On-premises, hybrid, or cloud storage solution, the decision of where your data is stored will be entirely up to you.  

Are there any alternatives?

Organizations have been using several different software including Jira, Smartsheet, M365, and more. Despite their many uses, these software have mostly been directed towards the IT teams and are often perceived as too complex for other departments. KanBo’s user–friendly interface enables it to reach a larger audience within your organization.  

In addition to its multi-faceted features, KanBo also gives you the freedom to choose between cloud and on-premises. This is a freedom that has now been taken away from Jira users, making it off-limits for many enterprises. In such a situation, KanBo seems to be the ideal alternative to empower purpose–driven organizations and help them optimize work management with full transparency and trust (here are examples how to organize work between departments in large organizations). 

Does my organization need KanBo? 

In today’s technology-driven world where things change in the blink of an eye, companies of all sizes need ERP software that meets all their needs. Whether it be KanBo or any other alternative, organizations these days can hardly survive without work management software.  

At KanBo, our mission is to help purpose-driven organizations to achieve their goals and make an impact. With KanBo’s 4 pillars: WorkPeopleTime, and Technology, it supports the day-to-day operations of modern businesses.

Taking the Leap

After Jira’s announcement, many Jira Server customers may be looking for a viable alternative.

If you are one of these customers and are unsure of your future plans, KanBo has got you covered. With a host of features that rival Jira’s functionalities and the choice of on-premises vs. the cloud, KanBo can be the ideal solution for your business. If you are apprehensive about taking the leap, feel free to consult our experts and we can help make the transition much easier.

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