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According to Loughborough University, The time it takes the average employee to recover from an email interrupt and to return to their work at the same work rate at which they left it, is on average 64 seconds. According to report of IDC, Information workers spend 9,4 hours a week dealing with challenges related to document creation and management. At least 4,9 hours of this is wasted time.
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KanBo replaces inefficient standards like emails, paper documents, countless meetings and many more. With KanBo teams work more efficient and your organization finally saves time and money.
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Using KanBo significantly reduces the reliance on email as the primary communication channel and decreases operational overhead (fewer meetings).
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Can my organization install KanBo on its own onpremise infrastructure?2020-11-25T10:48:18+00:00

Yes, if your enterprise wants the security of an on-premises infrastructure combined with the cutting-edge technology that powers innovation and success, KanBo on-premises is exactly the right choice for you. With KanBo on-premises, we are addressing your needs by providing you with a solution that includes many of the capabilities of the state-of-the-art cloud-based applications you want to equip your teams with. KanBo is deployed on your infrastructure in a way that makes the most sense to you, without sacrificing any KanBo features.

Can my organization install KanBo on our Office365/Azure cloud?2020-11-25T10:43:57+00:00

Yes, KanBo software that can be installed on your Microsoft Office 365 and Azure tenant. KanBo does not send any of your data to external parties nor to us. KanBo runs as part of your organization’s native cloud infrastructure and puts you in full control of your business data ensuring that nothing leaves your Microsoft Office 365/Azure environment.

Does KanBo offer an app for Microsoft Teams?2020-11-25T10:46:20+00:00

Yes, KanBo Board infrastructure utilizes the concept of Office 365 Groups instead of pure SharePoint sites. Since Microsoft uses Office 365 Groups as the underlying concept for Teams and Yammer, KanBo can easily be integrated with these two concepts. KanBo Boards are attached to existing Office 365 Groups or create new ones of any type such as native, Teams or Yammer and inherit access to files, resources, and services. KanBo also respects the assigned users to the Office 365 Group, granting access to its attached Boards only to these users with Member, Owner or External User permissions.

Where is stored data when my organization use KanBo?2020-11-25T10:44:51+00:00

Your organization choose the place where data are stored. It is startegic decision, and all data must be safe and protect. On-premises, hybrid or cloud storage solution, which one best suits your IT infrastructure strategy? Finding the right solution for your business while balancing the costs, protecting the company from security breaches, as well as ensuring privacy and compliance with regulatory mandates, proper data retention and legal holds is quite hard to accomplish. KanBo has just the solution.

Can a consulting company use KanBo?2020-11-25T10:46:36+00:00

Yes, consulting companies are widely used for KanBo in their processes. It is a tool that particularly supports knowledge management, communication, and cooperation processes in distributed teams.

Another area in which a consulting company can use KanBo is the introduction of the solution to its offer an extended portfolio of services with consulting as well as effective and efficient implementation of KanBo in large organizations. The cooperation takes place on a partnership basis. For more information, please contact our department [email protected]

Which industries can use KanBo?2020-11-25T10:47:04+00:00

Considering the cost-effectiveness of KanBo as a collaborative and work coordination tool in the enterprise, its utilization can be seen in the following sectors: Automotive and construction, the finance, banking, and insurance industries, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, manufacturers and trade associations, the energy industry, telecommunications and information industries, education, the communication industry, the advertising industry, the life and health industries, the tourist industry, and the legal, and consulting industry.

In which departments of large organizations is KanBo a helpful tool?2020-11-25T10:47:36+00:00

In large organizations, KanBo can be a tremendous help in departments such: HR, Sales, IT, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Purchase, R&D.

Is this something other departments could use/benefit from KanBo?2020-11-25T10:54:51+00:00

Yes, absolutely. We believe that using KanBo will be as essential as using SAP, SharePoint or Microsoft Office Package or another LOB system. I would say it is a sort of a great enhancement to the good old Microsoft Outlook. The difference is that in Outlook you are notified all the time about everything and it is your job to sort out the information. KanBo enhances the communication of a teams and managers working at the same projects in real-tiem. You only get the information you are looking for.

Can it be used without SharePoint integration?2020-11-25T10:49:29+00:00

It is a question like: can we use the computers with no internet access? Yes we can, but nowadays it often defeats the purpose. We can, but we would have to drop so much of the functionality, that it might be not worth to go that way. It is possible to use KanBo with no SharePoint access, but organizations will lost lot of KanBo functionalities.

Does my organization need KanBo???2020-11-25T10:49:50+00:00

We are at KanBo more than surprised that this type of software (KanBo or any alternatives) is not advised to be implemented as mandatory by lot of enterprise. At KanBo, our mission is to help purpose-driven organizations to achieve their goals and to make an impact. KanBo have 4 pillars: Work, People, Time and Technology.

KanBo is supporting these 4 pilars in every company as much as SAP is supporting Finance or Zoom supporting videoconference. It is hard to imagine a company of large size with no ERP Software. Not these days.

How much does KanBo cost?2020-11-25T10:50:15+00:00

It starts at annual cost 21480 EUR for 100 licenses (“Premium Plan”). The number of users can be estimated after the trial. For the whole organization, the number of KanBo licenses is calculated depending on the actual use. If most departments of the company decide to work with KanBo, an individual price model dedicated to a large organization can be negotiated. In times of C-19, this is definitely a very good way of billing because the company pays for what is used by all employees, including those working onsite and in remote working environment.

Does KanBo is an Interface to SharePoint?2020-11-25T10:50:38+00:00

KanBo software is not at all making the SharePoint working harder. Another words, it is not an app that works in the SharePoint environment and is using the SharePoint resources. KanBo is only communicating with SharePoint and has no impact on SharePoint performance. That might be a critical information for the SharePoint Team in your enterprise.

Are there any alternatives?2020-11-25T10:51:07+00:00

Many organizations have JIRA, Smartsheet, M365, ServiceNow… but will not be used by business teams as a Marketing, Sales, Operations, R&D. Those software’s are used by IT department, to penetrate projects from inside. Business users often hated them, there was no any value for them. IT and project managers had a sort of camera to watch every step employee were doing. Now JIRA has decided to be a cloud solution only, which is “no go” for many enterprises. Therefore, it is not possible to continue with JIRA anymore. In case when enterprise would go for KanBo, all information handled would be on server, visible to enterprise users only. Only KanBo empower purpose driven organizations to optimize work management with full transparency and trust so people can work the way they were truly meant to – perfectly connected and always in sync.


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