We empower purpose driven organizations to optimize work management with full transparency and trust so people can work the way they were truly meant to – perfectly connected and always in sync.

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Our Beliefs

We believe that trust is the key to success in an organization. With trust, you can promote transparency and spark the passion for a greater purpose within the hearts of your people.

This passion enables people to commit fully and start taking responsibility together by making autonomous decisions while keeping the greater good in mind. The freedom will help your people achieve mastery over time, allowing them to practice and cultivate their passions in life.

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Our Principles

We believe in questioning the State of the Art, taking myths apart and redefining what work is all about. With KanBo, we aspire to help you realize the most important aspects of work, filter the unnecessary, and simplify work management.

The people behind KanBo believe in purposeful and authentic digital design as a tool to achieve higher productivity and satisfaction at work. We have adopted the principle of quality over quantity and practice the Art of Moderation when it comes to features. Our less is more philosophy is the key to success to ensure fast adoption in our information overloaded world.

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Changing the Way we Work

Think back to the last time you were so deeply consumed by the passion for your work that time just flew by. Recall the pleasant feeling of believing that your work is meaningful and how the work flowed through you almost effortlessly. That’s what working together should be like.

In today’s world so much potential is being lost due to scattered information and unclear responsibilities. We are always on the lookout to cut through the chaos with low-value meetings, micromanagement and politics because our lives are too short to be wasted chasing information and figuring out responsibilities. KanBo aspires to take those troubles away and replaces them with an all-consuming passion and dedication for meaningful work.

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The Origins of KanBo

KanBo is a place where everything from the most immediate details to the big picture are organized. With KanBo, each person knows what they should be doing and why. This clarity, transparency, and focus allows people to organize and collaborate with less friction and deliver purposeful work.

We believe that people should be able to coordinate effortlessly and be appreciated at every turn so they can truly fall in love what they do.

While figuring out the perfect work management environment for our company, we felt that something was truly lacking from the equation. That is when KanBo came into being. First intended as an internal system for our company, KanBo has now grown into something far bigger and better than we could ever have imagined.

Want to learn more about the origins of KanBo? Read the full story.

History of KanBo

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