Vacancy Management Made Easy with KanBo

When an organization has to fill a position, there are numerous challenges they have to face. 

From finding the right person for the job and sorting resumes to streamlining the vacancy management process, everything requires a lot of time and effort. Apart from that, all the teams should be kept in the loop so they can plan accordingly. In the absence of a robust vacancy management process, organizational productivity and efficiency take a hit which can directly have an effect on the company’s revenue. That’s why it has become more than essential for modern-day enterprises to identify the key aspects of their hiring process and streamline them for efficiency.

The problem is that each organization has a different recruitment procedure which means they often struggle to find a software or tool that aligns with their business goals and requirements. With KanBo, organizations can solve the very problem as the vacancy management board along with lists and cards provide a versatile and flexible solution that can fit according to the objectives and needs of any business. Whether you are just a startup with a short hiring process or a large enterprise with a more elaborate recruitment method, KanBo enables your business to manage vacancies in an effective and efficient manner.

Vacancy Management with KanBo

When you first open the vacancy board, you will see a similar structure that you have seen in previous boards. Each list represents a certain phase of the interview. You can also categorize it based on the department so you can see how many people are in the recruitment pipeline as of now. All you have to do is go to ‘Filter’ and select the desired label. This will display the people who are currently going through the recruitment process in the department you have selected.

  • List – Open Positions – This list contains cards that carry all the information about the open positions in every department or team. Any human resource manager can take a single look to find out which positions currently need to be filled.
  • List – New CVs – Whenever a new candidate applies, a card is manually or automatically created for them with all the relevant information including background check, resume, cover letter and more.
  • List – Phone Interview – This list carries all the information related to the initial interview conducted over the phone.
  • List – Interview – When the candidate walks in for an interview with the team manager or leader, the card is updated with the information about their technical expertise and qualification for the position applied.
  • List – Interview with HR – Once the interview moves to the next phase of determining the terms and conditions of the employment contract, you can find all the details here.
  • List – Final Decision – As the name suggests, this list contains information about the final decision made for each applicant or candidate.
  • List – Hire – After a certain candidate is hired, this list is updated with their card. The concerned team is then notified through the Vacancy Management board.
  • List – For Later – If there are any issues or information that needs to be preserved for later, this card can be used for this purpose.

Card – Candidate

Every card contains all the information about the candidate in one central location. You can see who is responsible for dealing with the candidate and to which department the vacancy belongs. On the top left, you can see the phase through which the applicant is currently going through. In the right column, you have notes which describe the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses along with relevant documents about the candidate and related to the recruitment process.

In the middle column, you have access to the details of the entire process and information about the candidate. Emails to conversations related to the applicant are present in this column.

Integration with MS Teams

KanBo integrates with MS Teams because they use the same Active Directory groups behind the users. You can connect specific boards with Microsoft Teams and you will be able to access all the information. When you upload the documents to KanBo, you can also access them through MS Teams because of the integration.

Adding a New Candidate for Vacancy Management

Just like any other management done through KanBo, vacancy management is also quite intuitive and straightforward. Go to the New CVs list and click on the “+” button. Here you will need to type in the name of the candidate and select a template, which in this case is “Applicant”. Once you are done, click on “Add”. This will add a new card.

Now you have to open the card to add further details about the candidate and their recruitment process. In the right column, you have pre-check validation which allows you to see if the candidate fulfils the basic criteria. For instance, you can add if they have a work permit to work in your country. Here you can also add application documents such as the candidate’s resume and cover letter. All you need to do is drag and drop the documents from the email. Another way to accomplish this is through KanBo’s Outlook add-in. You can send the documents to an existing card or create a new card.

You have the option to add supporting documents as well, for example, background check details which are required for every applicant. These documents can be made a part of the card template so they are always there when you create a new card.

This entire process of fetching information and documents can be automated through KanBo. Go to the menu on the main Vacancy Management board, and click on “Get email address” and then on “Incoming emails”. Here you can add both the public and private email address. Every time an email is received, you will get a notification of a new card being created. You just need to ensure that you are following the list.


Vacancy management can be quite a drawn-out and detailed procedure that requires a lot of effort and time to document. Human resource managers often have too much to handle and it’s not possible for them to keep up with the processes which result in a subpar and even unproductive recruitment process. That’s where KanBo can help an organization with a versatile and feature-rich tool that can be used to manage all the vacancies across the organization.

Since there are dedicated lists for every phase of the recruitment process, team managers can view the status of the hiring process of the candidates for their teams. It also makes it easier for HR managers to keep track of the entire vacancy management process through lists and cards.

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