How Atlassian’s Decision to Shut Down Jira Server is Affecting Operations Departments

Operations Departments in medium to large-sized organizations have relied on Atlassian’s Jira Server and its ecosystem for years.

 Chief operating officers (COOs) and IT managers have made the most of the flexibility and functionality of hosting their apps, data, and workflows on an on-premises infrastructure with native integration. This allowed them to keep their departments up and running without any security concerns and breaches. However, all of that changed when Atlassian announced the end of life for the Jira server in February. It came as a surprise to large organizations across a diverse variety of verticals.

The biggest challenge for Operations Departments of large organizations is their inability to switch to the cloud. For them, deploying their functional workflows, operational tasks, projects, and initiatives on a cloud-based infrastructure is a non-starter. They understand the opportunities that the cloud opens up for them but more often than not, these organizations are a part of a highly regulated industry where compliance with both internal and external security policies along with government regulations is mandatory. Cloud is simply not an option for such organizations. What’s the alternative?

Is There An Alternative for Operations Departments After Atlassian Chooses to EOL Jira Server?

KanBo software with on-premises deployment is currently one of the most ideal and financially viable alternatives for the Operations Department in large enterprises. When looking for a Jira Server alternative, you want the security, functionality, and reliability that’s not easy to replicate but KanBo provides you with everything you are searching for. You want to stay within the convenience of your infrastructure so you can guard your data and apps in the best possible manner. KanBo On-Premises makes that possible while ensuring you also get the most out of cloud-based apps. 

If the Operations Department of your enterprise wants the security of an on-premises hardware infrastructure along with the contemporary technology of cloud that enables innovation and success, KanBo On-Premises is a smart choice for many medium to large organizations. With KanBo On-Premises, you get access to a comprehensive solution that includes many of the capabilities that are essential for a well-functioning operations department. 

Why On-Premises Software Deployment is Crucial for Operations Department?

In order to grasp the significance of on-premises software installation for the Operations Department, you will need to understand their primary tasks and responsibilities. This way you will be able to appreciate the benefits of on-premises deployment of data and applications. 

  • The operations department in an enterprise is responsible for ensuring complete customer satisfaction by making sure that orders are filled on time. 
  • Their responsibilities include covering managing production rhythms and syncing manufacturing timelines with the availability and delivery of materials needed for production. 
  • Operations management is also one of the key tasks of the department that entails the administration of business practices to maximize efficiency and productivity in an enterprise. It involves planning, organizing, and supervising organizational processes to achieve and exceed the equilibrium of revenues and costs to deliver the highest possible operating profits. 
  • In an agile enterprise, the Operations Department has a responsibility to become a self-organizing and self-managing cross-departmental team with the capability to plan, execute, and monitor each project and initiative from conceptualization to the end product without losing focus. 

In any enterprise, the Operations Department is very crucial to the overall success of the organization as it is a cross-functional team of individuals from a diverse variety of business areas. Operations managers are required to work closely with other departmental heads to achieve optimal results in every project. They should always be aware of the current status of the business and where the company is currently going. It is imperative for the operations manager to have an overall understanding of the entire business model and organizational systems. 

What Does the Deployment of KanBo On-Premises Mean for Operations Department?

For many industries that have to ensure compliance with government and internal regulations, the success of the Operations Department is only feasible through comprehensive planning, long-time strategy and on-premises hardware infrastructure and firewall. In many business domains, it is almost impossible to move all the operational workflows, projects, initiatives to a cloud-based infrastructure due to a multitude of functional and regulatory reasons. Choosing between cloud and on-premises is one of the most crucial decisions for the Operations Department and it can have a major impact on the entire enterprise. 

They need the infrastructure to perform their daily tasks which is flexible, reliable, versatile and secure. Operations in any organization are not only responsible for ensuring the timeliness of their production schedule but also handling the delivery of the materials, inventory and maintaining the right amount of stocks to fulfill demand. It’s an exceptionally essential responsibility for the department and an integral part of the overall success of the enterprise. 

That’s where KanBo On-Premises software can help Operations Departments in large enterprises across different industries. The software offers a package of enterprise services that allow you to play a productive role through the automation of business processes in enterprise computing. The scope of any enterprise service is crucial because too much functionality can hamper the usability of the service. KanBo delivers the perfect balance of form and function for Operations Departments.


As Atlassian’s announcement to close Jira Server and replace it with a cloud-based solution has taken the industry by surprise, Operations Departments in large organizations are now looking elsewhere to find on-premises software deployment service to ensure they can maintain their workflows, systems, and processes while complying with both internal and external security and regulatory standards. This is where KanBo is now becoming a popular alternative for Operations Departments as it offers the right combination of security and functionality.

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