From your vision and long-term strategy to policies and processes, the roadmap helps organizations to achieve everything. Plan and organize business activities including strategies, sales, marketing, operations, and more to push the progress through flawless execution.

Discover different components of the enterprise roadmap that can be deployed efficiently to deliver a cohesive interface and set of guidelines for strategic initiatives.


Keep an Eye on the Big Picture

Relying on KanBo Board, your organization creates the opportunity to plan and track the progress as a whole across multiple teams throughout the enterprise. Every manager can access dedicated KanBo Boards that keep them notified about the teams, projects, and initiatives that are currently underway along with their status and progress towards the next milestone.

You also have the ability to track insightful metrics including completion status, trial rates, project completion rates, team status, schedule completion, and planned out milestones. KanBo empowers your employees to acquire a comprehensive overview of your organization's plans with ease by consistently sharing real-time status reports that feature tips and useful information such as changes to a project's scope or a major milestone, a shift in the scope of the project, and the work status. By making relevant information visually impactful to a specific team, you make it convenient for them to act fast when they need to.


Identify & Overcome All Dependencies to Expedite Progress

With KanBo' Roadmap, your organization can track and identify dependencies across multiple teams throughout the enterprise and a multitude of projects to overcome them and eliminate all the blockers for efficient progress.

When you rely on KanBo for seamless collaboration and progress tracking, you can set up notification loops and processes to identify and respond to potential issues and prevent unnecessary delays. This allows you to be proactive and keeps the organization updated with regular progress reports. Management personnel have access to every data point to predict potential issues and enhance the effectiveness of their team through proactive and empathetic leadership.


Lay Out a Clear Plan for Every Task

Using KanBo Cards, you can add details of what needs to be done to achieve particular milestones and complete the project. Add cards to a work order, specify related information and update the status to let team members know who needs to accomplish what. Work collaboratively and on multiple fronts while tracking your progress, managing deadlines, prioritizing, responding to and being aware of the project's dependencies, bottlenecks, and risks.

Rely on Cards to stay connected and track work effort on each specific task through status reports, milestones, and a real-time view of all your organization’s progress. Keep an eye on how much progress you have made, what tasks need to be done for project completion, how much time you’ve invested so far, and carry out a full audit of your projects for transparency and future improvements.

Gantt & Timeline

Visualize Progress to Plan for Success

Monitor progress through engaging and insightful visualizations of timing and work progress of critical initiatives, tasks, and projects. Make the most of the KanBo Gantt Chart view for in-depth planning and finish it off in style on a 360-degree timeline that helps you clearly define and explain critical projects and initiatives.

Apart from that, track milestones, completion statuses and select objectives along with specifying deadlines to expedite completion. Rely on KanBo Card roles for monitoring progress and creating highly meaningful reports for informed decision-making. Set and manage your priorities effectively to stay ahead of the progress curve.

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