Atlassian’s Jira Server Shut Down Affects Finance Departments in Large Organizations

With Jira Server’s shut down announcement, Finance Departments in large organizations have found themselves in a dilemma.

They don’t have the option to migrate their systems, information, and workflows to a cloud-based infrastructure because of a wide range of company and industry regulations as well as technical restrictions. Finance Departments in large enterprises cannot rely on third-party cloud solutions because of the sensitivity of their financial data, ensuring control over the infrastructural update, and implementing custom changes to meet the business requirements.

When Atlassian announced that they are shutting down Jira Server, many organizations decided to stop projects with Jira and instead start new strategic projects by finding a functionally and financially viable alternative on-premises software deployment as soon as possible. VPs of Finance Departments now have a big responsibility ahead of them – finding an alternative solution for the Jira server. Is there an answer?

Is There an On-Premises Jira Alternative for Finance Departments in Enterprises?

On a day-to-day basis, Finance Departments store, handle and manage a large amount of sensitive data which cannot be stored on a cloud-based infrastructure since it’s vulnerable. That’s why the on-premises installation is a critical functional requirement for new software that’s going to replace Jira. KanBo software is the best choice for VPs of Finance Departments in many large organizations across a variety of industries who are looking for a robust Jira Server alternative.

If the Finance Department in your organization desires the security that’s delivered by an on-premises hardware infrastructure along with the cutting-edge cloud technology that enables innovation and success, KanBo On-Premises offers everything you are looking for. With KanBo On-Premises, you have the ability to address your Finance Department’s unique needs and requirements by relying on a multi-faceted versatile solution that includes a range of capabilities that are offered by a state-of-the-art cloud-based software you want for your employees. You can deploy KanBo on your native on-site infrastructure just the way you want without having to compromise on any KanBo features.

What Does the KanBo On-Premise Solution Offer to Finance Departments in Large Enterprises?

When you think about it, Finance Departments handle the most sensitive data and jobs within the organization. The sensitivity of the information is manifold when you are working in a large enterprise. That’s why such organizations require nothing but the best security that any service can offer. They cannot take a risk of relying on a third-party cloud-based solution which can potentially lead to data breaches and cyberattacks despite strict compliance with multiple regulations and security standards.

Since on-premises hardware infrastructure and firewall offer the most secure environment for such organizations and their Finance Department operations, it is only logical that they go for an on-premises alternative. In any organization, the Finance Department has to deal with critical information security issues. In many cases, data security concerns are related to complicated administrative work processes that may involve a number of permissions.

Finance Departments are also responsible for acquiring funds for the enterprise, managing funds within the organization, and planning for the expenditure of those funds on various assets. It is one of those departments o of an organization that ensures efficient financial management and financial control necessary to support all business activities. On-premises software offered by KanBo is the best solution for Finance Departments considering the security measures and regulations that need to be implemented in the Finance Department.

Considering all the above factors, KanBo emerges as a viable on-premises Jira Server alternative for Finance Department VPs. You can move your data, processes, and workflows to KanBo on-premises software seamlessly and use on-premises IT security to get the most secure and flexible solution. All of your information is always stored and processes locally on-site and no third-party ever gets to see your data, even KanBo.

Essential Features of KanBo for Finance Departments

Ultimate Security – Since security is the top priority for finance departments, KanBo On-Premises takes care of that by storing and processing all the information locally on your own organizational hardware. Not a single bit of your sensitive information leaves your company and we don’t share it with third parties.

Cost Efficiency – Deployment of KanBo allows you to design and deploy cost efficiency strategies that can be utilized to estimate the worth, costs, and benefits of a program, investment, or project for financial diligence.

On-Premise Applications – KanBo software is installed and operated on computers that are present on the premises of the organization using the software instead of fetching data from a remote facility such as a server farm or cloud.

Business Continuity Planning – With KanBo On-Premises, you get the capability to process strategies and planning for future events by recognizing organizational threats and risks on time.


For the Finance Departments of large enterprises, cloud-based infrastructure is a non-starter due to internal and external security regulations. They need to comply with the strictest security standards to ensure the sensitive data related to the organization’s finances remains secure. This is why KanBo On-Premises is an ideal solution for Finance Departments as it has been developed to provide a trustworthy, secure and versatile alternative to Jira Server. The security of the systems, workflows, and processes is vital, especially for large organizations and KanBo delivers exactly that.

Our aim is to deliver robust solutions that enable you to be productive, ensure the security of your workflows, and be operationally efficient while working within your technology infrastructure. This is what KanBo On-Premises is all about.

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