Atlassian Forces Purchase Departments in Large Organizations to Find Jira Alternative

For a number of medium to large organizations, the Atlassian announcement of the discontinuation of Jira Server came as a major surprise, especially to Purchase Departments.

These companies have been a long-time users of Jira Server precisely because it offered a comprehensive on-premises solution for data and software deployment. A multitude of departments in large organizations including the purchase and procurement department is not interested in a cloud-based alternative.

An enterprise that is operating in data-sensitive industries like the military, government, healthcare, cybersecurity, and more don’t have the option to rely on cloud-based solutions. They don’t only have internal security guidelines but industry and legal regulations as well to ensure compliance with. That’s where a cloud-based solution becomes a non-starter.

In that context, Atlassian’s decision to EOL Jira server has now pushed Purchase Departments to begin a process for finding an alternative solution which means evaluating and assessing multiple solutions from Atlassian competitors. Now, Purchase Department managers have one important question ahead of them. What is a functionally and financially viable alternative for Jira Server which Purchase Departments can use for day-to-day work while relying on on-premises deployment?

KanBo Has an Answer to this Question

Now that Atlassian has unfortunately announced EOL for Jira Server, KanBo On-Premises has emerged as one of the best alternatives available to Purchase Departments, especially in large organizations. Owing to strictly implemented internal and external regulatory standards, many enterprises along with their Purchase Departments aim to remain in the confines of their own firewall while compromising functionality to ensure robust security. Choosing KanBo means that your organization’s Purchase Department won’t have to make that tradeoff as you can leverage the security of on-premises and the versatility of the cloud simultaneously.

With KanBo On-Premises, we are addressing the most essential requirements of Purchase Departments across different industries by providing them with a comprehensive solution that includes a multitude of features as well as the capabilities of cutting-edge cloud-based applications you want for your teams so they can be both efficient and productive. KanBo is flexible enough to be deployed on your organization’s technological infrastructure in a tailored manner that aligns with your business needs without compromising on any KanBo features.

The Purchase Department of any organization is crucial in terms of supporting all operational activities within the enterprise as it serves as the primary buyer of goods and services to create value for target consumers. The department doesn’t only have a strict responsibility to monitor supply chains but also to take care of a variety of enterprise tasks such as negotiating contracts and price quotes with vendors. The process of procuring goods and services is designed to meet the operational needs of the organization while delivering the highest possible value. That’s why it is essential for organizations to establish internal procurement policies and procedures to ensure their organization operates with integrity in the marketplace.

Essential Features of KanBo On-Premises

KanBo On-Premises has been created for meeting special enterprise and business requirements including Purchase Department needs. KanBo assists you in overcoming your Purchase Department challenges by delivering you the most offering a wide range of features including the following. 

Have the Security of Your Own Infrastructure & Firewall

The key advantage of KanBo is that it enables organizations to stay within the comfort of their own infrastructure and firewall. It means that your Purchase Department doesn’t have to choose between security and functionality. They get to enjoy both. 

Be Productive with Office 365 and Azure

With KanBo On-Premises, you have the option to deploy Office 365 and Azure Environment integrations either as a SharePoint app and an Azure Active Directory App. The On-Premises solution can also make the most of native Web Services and APIs of multiple digital products including SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Exchange, Outlook, and more. 

Rely On KanBo as Software as a Service (SaaS) 

KanBo offers a SaaS feature so you don’t need an IT department. Our team manages the technicalities on your organization’s behalf. Apart from that, you can also select the region or country where you want your data to be stored and KanBo will operate it in that country for your company. 

How KanBo Helps Purchase Departments in Large Organizations

In order to have firm control over the expenditure of costs and resources, the Purchasing Department conducts thorough data analytics and verifies every purchase order. The department is responsible for shipping arrangements, keeping track of inventory, managing vendors, contracts, payables, and ensuring the inventory and other operations function in compliance with business regulations. That’s why many purchase departments go for on-premises software: 

  • Ensures adherence to internal and external security policies and regulations 
  • Ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations 
  • Prevents internal applications and data from being exposed or become vulnerable to any other third party 

With KanBo, Purchase Departments can have peace of mind that their data is safe by installing a system and managing the server on their own instead of trusting a cloud provider. Moreover, they also have the assurance that their hardware, operating system, and applications are installed on their on-premises server and their data stays secure. 

All of these procurement and operational activities of the purchase division in the organization are the reason why the department prefers KanBo On-Premises. With On-Premises deployment, they can have full control over their purchasing activities, knowledge, and sensitive data by managing their software installations. 


Regardless of the scale of the enterprise, the Purchasing Department has a huge burden of buying responsibilities across all industries. That’s why they need a comprehensive yet efficient solution that works in compliance with their business needs. With the benefits of KanBo On-Premises software, Purchase Departments can run their operations and fulfill procurement requirements of the enterprise in a streamlined and secure manner.

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