KanBo Enterprise-Class Hybrid Environment

Getting the best of two worlds: on-premises and cloud

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KanBo Enterprise-Class Hybrid Environment

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What is a KanBo Hybrid Environment?

KanBo Hybrid Environment is an enterprise-tailored platform where the customer has access to two KanBo instances – one is installed on an infrastructure hosted by the customer themselves while the second is hosted on the Microsoft Office 365/Azure infrastructure that also belongs to the customer. The Active Directories of both environments are synchronized in order to provide a seamless single sign-on experience to the employees.

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KanBo Hybrid Environment implementation has become increasingly crucial owing to the following reasons:


High level of customization for customer’s SharePoint


High-level integration of customer’s SharePoint with other On-Premises systems


Legal and compliance concerns require the data to remain in a certain geographical area such as a particular state or a province


The customer started with on-premises but has created lots of Boards and SharePoint content – the migration to the cloud is economically not feasible – the Office 365 environment starts in parallel from scratch.

Enterprise-Class Hybrid Environment quick guidelines.

You will find the most important answers to the key questions:

  • What is a KanBo Hybrid Environment?
  • How does the KanBo Hybrid Environment work?
  • How is the look and feel of KanBo Hybrid Environment for the end-user?
  • KanBo Hybrid Environment as a migration strategy?
  • What are the considerations when planning a KanBo Hybrid Environment?

Get your copy of the KanBo WhitePaper!

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