9 free KanBo templates for HR department when working remotely

Just like any other team in an enterprise, the modern remote HR team in the enterprise should be equipped with the tools and expertise to function remotely.

This article describes 9 free KanBo templates to empower the remote HR Department.

  1. HR Knowledge Base
  2. Business Roadmap
  3. HR Project Tracker
  4. New Employee Onboarding
  5. Easy To-do List
  6. Applicant Tracker
  7. Brand Asset Management
  8. New Hire Checklist for Managers
  9. Business Trip

As enterprises all over the world embrace remote work. There is a growing need for HR initiatives that cater to the new company culture fit for remote employees. When your employees are scattered all over the world and work is no longer about fixed hours, how do you stay connected and foster a culture that maximizes performance in a remote setting?

Ensure that your HR Team stays operational in a remote environment maintaining a company culture that facilitates growth and bridges gaps.

Dispersed remote HR teams in the enterprise need to step up their game to bridge geographical and time-related barriers and connect employees across distances. This requires fast and efficient information exchange with an environment of transparency and trust where everyone works out loud. To assist the modern remote HR team of today, KanBo software has compiled a set of 9 free templates that can help engage employees, recruit new people, track projects, and much more for the enterprise.

Equipping your remote HR teams with the right tools to engage employees and monitor progress is essential for the success of remote working.

Check out these KanBo templates for your remote HR teams:

1. HR Knowledge base

The HR Knowledge Base template is a centralized reservoir of HR-related knowledge for the remote HR teams in the enterprise. With full-time access from any location, your HR team can update and share information from the template while ensuring everyone is on the same page. The template is perfect for dispersed remote HR teams to stay connected and share knowledge from HR across the enterprise, regardless of locations or time zones.

Build multiple HR knowledge bases with this fully customizable KanBo template for HR information including code of conduct, policies etc.

2. Business road map

A remote HR department in the enterprise needs to stay on top with business goals to steer remote employees in the right direction. For the remote HR team in the enterprise, this is made possible with the Business Roadmap template. The Business Roadmap template shows the current business goals and vision of the enterprise. This information guides the implementation of tasks and projects for individual departments. The remote HR team can work across multiple departments and lead them according to current business goals with round-the-clock remote access to the Business Roadmap template

Build a business roadmap with goals & milestones, and communicate your company’s or product’s vision. This template features timeline, Gantt chart and Kanban view and other useful functionality.

3. HR Project Tracker

The HR Project Tracker template allows the remote HR team in the enterprise to implement HR strategies and initiatives by monitoring progress, status updates, and other relevant resources. KanBo software can become a virtual office for enterprises as you execute successful HR initiatives to meet business goals with HR remote team. May it be tasks connected to the main goals of the organization or independent activities of the HR department. The HR project tracker assists with the day-to-day tasks of HR employees in the enterprise. From initiation to execution to ensure successful results.

Manage your timeline, budget and people with strategic planning and project initiation. Develop change management plans, connect with coworkers and stakeholders, and more with notifications and reminders.

4. New Employee Onboarding

It is the job of the remote HR department to create an onboarding process that makes new employees in the enterprise feel right at home. This can be challenging when the onboarding is done in a remote environment. The New Employee Onboarding template is created to simplify the onboarding process in an enterprise for the successful initiation of new employees. The template assists the remote HR department to construct a detailed onboarding experience with the remote work culture.

Welcome employees the right way. KanBo’s template clears job objectives and builds long-lasting relationships and enables real-time performance reviews along with effective feedback.

5. Easy-to-do list

A remote HR department in the enterprise needs an effective to-do list to simplify task management. The Easy-to-do list template presents a Kanban approach with lists: to-do, doing, and done. The simple, versatile, and intuitive layout allows remote HR departments in the enterprise to visualize tasks in stages and collaborate with colleagues by adding responsible persons to the task. KanBo’s extensive features attached to each individual task also allow us to set deadlines, assign priorities, communicate, handle documents, and much more.

A simple yet intuitive way to organize your flow of work and manage tasks & subtasks with features including email, notifications, due dates and more.

6. Applicant Tracker

Applicant tracking is an essential part of the recruitment process that falls under the responsibility of the remote HR department in the enterprise. The Applicant Tracker template assists the remote HR team in the enterprise to track new applicants and collect relevant information. From the initial screening to the employment, the Applicant Tracker template brings the whole application process in one accessible 24/7 place for the remote HR department in the enterprise.

KanBo’s easy and intuitive applicant tracker template helps streamline the recruitment process with a centralized view of all applicants, their information, current status and more.

7. Brand Asset management

It is important for the remote HR department in the enterprise to have access to the logos, designs, and document templates that maintain a consistent branding identity for the company. The Brand Asset Management template is home to all documents and information regarding the branding and design elements of the enterprise. With round-the-clock access to these assets, the remote HR department in the enterprise can have a smooth sailing operation and put forth a consistent brand development.

Achieve consistency in your corporate design and branding endeavors by bringing all style guides, branding information and best practices on one platform.

8. New Hire checklist for managers

The New Hire Checklist template enables the remote HR department in the enterprise to support managers and newly hired employees during the hiring process. It makes remote collaboration easier with a perfectly laid out plan for employee onboarding that the managers can implement right away. The New Hire Checklist template serves as a guide for the managers and an amazing example of the collaboration potential of remote HR teams with other enterprise departments in a distributed environment.

The template includes new employee training, preparations and task details with company policies and more – all compiled by the HR department for the managers’ ease.

9. Business trip

All details related to business trips can be handled by the remote HR departments in the enterprise through the Business Trip template. The template keeps track of HR-related trips, their details, and queries associated with them for an all-in-one solution for the remote HR department. With the KanBo Business Trip template, all information, documents, tasks, and knowledge are located in one digitally accessible place. And much like any other department in an enterprise, the remote HR department can benefit from the round-the-clock availability across all devices to stay up to date and connect with remote employees performing asynchronous work.

Business trip checklist brings all the relevant information onto one place, making it easier to plan and execute a successful business trip.

KanBo empowers your remote HR department by making information, documents and tasks more accessible, across all devices and time zones.

These 9 KanBo templates show the countless possibilities associated with a remote HR department in an enterprise. So, if your company is going remote, why not help your HR department do the same? Start by downloading the templates now and try to build an effective remote HR framework perfect for your remote teams with the KanBo software.

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