KanBo Template for New Employee Onboarding clears job objectives, builds long-lasting relationships, and enables real-time performance reviews along with effective feedback during the onboarding process.

Make new employees comfortable at work with KanBo’s New Employee Onboarding Template. This template includes a list of tasks for the first day, first week, first month, first quarter, and orientation for new employees in the new enterprise.

With features such as checklist, tasks, and onboarding planning timeline, your employees have the right guidance to get started right away. Guide employees visually, evaluate performance reviews and encourage feedback to ensure they are on the right track. Make things easier for the HR team and ensure a consistent experience for all new recruits with a real-time and remote work environment.

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What is the new employee onboarding process in the enterprise?

If your company is preparing to implement a new enterprise solution, you will want to ensure that this enterprise is accompanied by a strong and effective new employee onboarding process that helps ensure the success of every new employee and the new enterprise.

There are a lot of components to consider when introducing a new employee, including:

  • Planning: How are your processes organized and implemented?
  • Execution: Are your employees aware of what to expect?
  • Teaching: How are you going to train new hires?
  • Process: How are you going to communicate to employees what is expected?
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In which industries should New Employee Onboarding be used?

The main application areas for the New Employee Onboarding would be:

What are the benefits of using a digital KanBo Template for New Employee Onboarding?

  • Reduces manual processes and increases the effectiveness of management decision-making.
  • Automates processes to minimize costs and increase accuracy.
  • Enables an all-inclusive approach to onboarding new recruits.
  • Allows for easy use across an entire enterprise.
  • Highly intuitive, accessible, and helpful for employees.
  • Clear, objective, and easy-to-read.

How to work with KanBo New Employee Onboarding Solution?

The following steps can help you get started with the KanBo New Employee Onboarding solution based on your business case. If you already have similar projects in your organization, you can quickly move to KanBo’s solution and show your team to get the best results.


  • Fully customizable and easy to use.
  • Easy to plan and manage training and onboarding.
  • Real-time, fast feedback from employees.

For example, an industry-specific onboarding process would be applicable to industries such as banking, healthcare, aviation, and manufacturing. For these industries, you can customize this KanBo template.

In the traditional model, you would need to take time out of your busy schedules and rely on custom-made training modules to teach new recruits the ropes. While this ensures consistency across the new employee onboarding process, it can be quite cumbersome. With the KanBo New Employee Onboarding template, you will be able to introduce the onboarding process into your business as part of the regular workflows and improve the efficiency of processes without compromising on accuracy or quality.

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