The Applicant Tracker is a great tool for recruiters in large organizations.

Recruiters can get organized and store all applicant’s data in one place, reducing paperwork and automating the hiring process.

In addition to this resource, they’ll have the ability to see what each applicant’s experience, education, location, and skills are, along with an overview of their qualifications.
Hiring Process steps: Open position, Phone interview, Onsite Interview, Meeting with a team, Decision making it easier to screen applicants efficiently, get a sense of what they can bring to the team, entire enterprise, and speed up the hiring process.

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View of KanBo Applicant Tracker Template

KanBo template Board - Applicant tracker

How important is it to ensure a good recruitment process within a company?

The ability to connect with candidates in the right way and attract them at the right time for the right job is proven to be crucial to success.

The right approach to recruitment and the way your recruitment team approaches the hiring process will have an impact on your overall business success.

Investing time and money in the process makes a huge difference to both your employees and your business results.

If your organisation has not yet adopted a sustainable recruitment process strategy, it is time to change course.

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In which industries should the Applicant Tracker be used?

To use KanBo Applicant Tracker Template is best for the following industries:

What is the most beneficial key usage point of KanBo Applicant Tracking System template?

  • Manage Open positions across departments and enterprises.
  • Recruiters can modify and define the hiring process according to the business needs of the enterprise.
  • Handle Incoming emails from applicants to Board and Cards, including Attachments, CV documents.
  • Secure sharing candidates and applicant profiles with confidential data.
  • Secure access and control of confidential information at the enterprise level.
  • Cross-functional recruiting teams can conduct discussions in one place.
  • Remote access 24/7.
  • Stay up to date, track progress with notifications and reminders.

How to work with Applicant Tracker in KanBo?

The following steps can help you get started with Applicant Tracker. If you already have similar projects in your organization, you can quickly move to KanBo’s solution and show your team to get the best results.


Using KanBo template for applicant tracking, recruiters from large enterprises can provide remote recruiting processes. The remote recruiting process involves sourcing, interviewing, and hiring employees who are located anywhere. Remote cross-functional recruiting teams utilize KanBo to connect and work with candidates regardless of where they’re located.

With this KanBo template for applicant tracking, recruiters can work remotely. The cross-functional recruiting team is always up-to-date throughout the recruiting process because everyone has the same view of the process in real-time. KanBo template for applicant tracking uses digital board, cards, notifications, mentions, and integrations with common communication tools such as Microsoft Teams to collaborate remotely.

You can notify cross-functional recruiting team members about scheduled tasks by @ mentioning them in a card – application with CV. It’s possible making a recruiter responsible for the task’s completion by adding to a card.

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