10 KanBo Templates for Sales Team working remotely

When enterprises have a remote Sales Team with some room for improvement or are planning to launch one, here are 10 KanBo templates that will help enterprises boost sales and productivity in the digital realm.

  1. Business Roadmap
  2. Sales Pipeline
  3. Meeting Agenda
  4. QBR Meeting Agenda
  5. RFP Process
  6. Easy To-do List
  7. Ideas Bank
  8. Customer Feedback
  9. Growth Experiment
  10. Value-Complexity Matrix

The goal of a remote Sales Team is to spread your product far and wide, and that can rarely be done from staying within an office cubicle. A distributed remote sales team in the enterprise is not very different from your regular on-site one and may even prove to be more effective in the long run. As technology makes remote work and communication easier, it becomes feasible to have a distributed remote sales team in the enterprise that can cover more ground and reach more people.

Having a remote sales team enables sales efforts to go on even in lockdowns and extreme situations to ensure business continuity.

However, working in the digital realm can pose a challenge. As activities are performed asynchronously in different time zones and locations, maintaining strong communication and keeping the team together requires the right set of tools.

The effectiveness of your remote sales team depends strongly on the tools you use to connect employees and carry out sales activities.

Here is 10 ready to use KanBo templates dedicated to the remote Sales Team in the enterprise.

KanBo’s sales templates provide an opportunity for sales teams to go remote and make the most out of technology.

1. Business roadmap

A remote Sales Team in an enterprise needs to be up to date with the company’s vision, business goals and various marketing insights. The remote Sales Team can get an insight into all this information and more with the KanBo Business Roadmap template. Remote sales team members have access to key elements in real-time and constant monitoring of changes, remote sales team can stay in touch with the business to create excellent sales strategies for the enterprise that meet business goals.

Build a business roadmap with goals & milestones, and communicate your company’s or product’s vision. This template features timeline, Gantt chart and Kanban view and other useful functionality.

2. Sales pipeline template

Unite remote Sales Team in enterprise under one platform with the Sales Pipeline Template in KanBo. The Sales Pipeline Template encompasses all sales activities from visualizing new sales opportunities to monitoring sales performance with KanBo software robust features. With all information, documents, and communication in one place, a remote Sales Team in the enterprise can focus on boosting sales and taking your business to the next level.

Get a top 360 degree view of your sales pipeline to track the progress of current leads and deals with KanBo’s sales pipeline template.

3. Meeting Agenda

The Meeting Agenda Template helps remote Sales Teams in enterprise connect through well planned virtual meetings that always meet the agenda. The Meeting Agenda Template can be used to document remote Sales Team action plans and store the resulting information and tasks for 24/7 availability. After meeting tasks from the action plan can be assigned to remote Sales Team members to meet the goals of the meeting and sales target in the enterprise.

Make meetings more productive/Get more out of meetings with the meeting agenda template. Easily clarify the goals of your meeting and inform participants about details such as dates, locations and more. Include all necessary documents and crucial information in advance so people can be prepared to make the meeting a definite success. The meeting agenda template can help you run a smooth-sailing meeting and ensures it never strays from the main agenda.

4. QBR Meeting Agenda

The QBR Meeting Agenda template assists the remote Sales Team in the enterprise in conducting quarterly business reviews with enterprise customers. Helps to prepare the necessary information, communicate with the customer, and present a cohesive image to enable collaboration. The QBR Meeting Agenda can be molded according to the relationship and nature of collaboration for the best results.

KanBo’s QBR meeting template helps you to present value to customers with goals, metrics, documents, benchmarks and more during your cyclic QBR meetings. Build an action forward plan to make the QBR meeting a success.

5. RFP process

As an enterprise create a solid foundation for sales projects by defining the goals, scope, and requirements using the RFP process template. The RFP template enables the remote Sales Team to work in tandem with other departments and external suppliers to execute successful enterprise projects. Get 24/7 access to all information regarding the project and the RFP process from any location (more about RFP Process is here).

Create effective RFP processes to outline goals and scope, connect with stakeholders and plan projects well through useful tools including Kanban, Gantt chart views and more.

6. Easy-to-do list

Much like any other department remote Sales Team in the enterprise needs a way to organize tasks and keep track of day to day activities. The Easy-to-do list template presents a simple solution to help the remote sales team visualize tasks and their progress through three lists: to-do, doing, and done with the Kanban approach. KanBo’s robust features provide the additional benefits of contextual communication and the ability to add documents and notes for an all-in-one solution. Reduce your reliance on emails and utilize this perfect tool made especially for remote Sales Teams in the enterprise.

A simple yet intuitive way to organize your flow of work and manage tasks & subtasks with features including email, notifications, due dates and more.

7. Ideas bank

A remote Sales Team in the enterprise is always on the lookout for innovative sales strategies and ideas that can make a difference. The Ideas Bank template allows the remote Sales Team in the enterprise to capture and develop ideas until they can finally be implemented. Working remotely should not stunt growth and the Ideas Bank template ensures the remote Sales Teams keep developing new solutions that can contribute to the success of the department and the whole enterprise.

KanBo’s Ideas bank is the birthplace of amazing ideas. Innovate, visualize and collaborate over your ideas through all the stages with KanBo

8. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is essential for the remote Sales Team in the enterprise to fine tune their sales processes for maximum customer satisfaction. The Customer Feedback template allows the remote Sales Team to collect customer feedback and pass it on to other team members. The Customer Feedback template also acts as an excellent place for cooperating and sharing feedback with other departments in the enterprise to make the feedback available to a wider audience.

Building an effective customer feedback strategy can help you manage feedback in the right way. This KanBo board is specially designed to help you operate a centralized customer feedback mechanism where you can turn feedback into actionable insights.

9. Growth experiment

A remote Sales Team in an enterprise is always looking for new ways to expand their sales horizons with different sales models and strategies. All this experimentation can be conducted with the Growth Experiment template. With this template, remote Sales Teams in the enterprise can test hypotheses, implement new initiatives, and monitor associate KPIs – all in one, remotely accessible place. Add innovation to sales strategies and test them for the best performance with the Growth Experiment template in KanBo.

The growth experiment template allows growth teams to connect experiments with business KPIs and generate synergy between goals and company expectations. Ensure success and maximize test outputs with KanBo.

10. Value-complexity matrix

A remote Sales Team in the enterprise is often responsible for making difficult decisions. The Value-Complexity Matrix template is a useful decision-making enterprise tool that allows you to focus your efforts on the right direction. Make remote Sales Team coordination easier and take the right course of action with a comprehensive overview of the structure of tasks and priorities – available 24/7 for use within your remote sales department.

Prioritize product features by mapping their value against implementation complexity and make the decision-making process easy and efficient with KanBo’s value-complexity matrix.

With the help of KanBo software, operating a remote Sales Team has become easier for enterprise and more rewarding than ever before. With these 10 KanBo templates, a remote Sales Team in an enterprise can outperform any regular one! Giving your enterprise an edge over others by providing independence of physical spaces or offices. Try out the templates on KanBo now.

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