KanBo’s Quarterly Business Review meeting template helps you to present value to customers with goals, metrics, documents, benchmarks and more during your cyclic QBR meetings.

KanBo’s QBR meeting agenda template contains an action plan, a to-do list, folders for documents and a place to collaborate with your clients to drive better business outcomes. The Kanban view of QBR tasks facilitates coordination.

QBR KanBo’s template provides real-time, remote access from any device to all important information. The QBR Meeting Agenda template supports the sales plan. Successful quarterly business review meeting that leaves a lasting impression on clients.

View of QBR Meeting Agenda

What should be included in a QBR
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In which departments or industries should QBR be used?

There are plenty of scenarios when the use of quarterly business review meetings are vital for companies and they have different requirements in order to use this approach effectively. The main application areas for the quarterly business review meetings would be:

Retail, where continuous customer feedback and quality management are the main concerns.

Manufacturing, where regulatory compliance rules are addressed, along with manufacturing consistency, quality control and quality maintenance.

Banking, where risk control and compliance are a top priority.

Healthcare, where the quality of patient care is emphasized.

Business-to-business, where information on customer needs and preferences are usually collected.

Insurance, where insurance companies need to answer various questions in order to develop more efficient and effective plans.

Although not all departments can benefit from a quarterly business review meeting in the same way, there is a common underlying theme, which is the need to increase the speed of progress and then provide positive feedback for achieving new goals.

The template allows for smooth preparation for the formal meeting by setting goals and referring to previous QBRs. Notifications about changes and reminders ensure that changes reach all the meeting participants automatically and instantly. You can read about the agile approach in a business review in our blog – The future of QBR meeting

Key usage points:

  • Preliminary work for the QBR. This will include any reading, documentation, data and participants
  • Tracking status using Real-Time dashboards
  • Agenda and meeting rules for invited participants
  • Goals and metrics for the QBR
  • Documents and notes
  • Action plan with tasks
  • Kanban and calendar view to facilitate coordination and collaboration
  • Gantt chart for dependencies
  • Remote and real-time access
  • Notification and reminders for participants on any device to stay updated

How to work with KanBo QBR Meeting Agenda Template?

  1. Create a Board with QBR meeting agenda. Use KanBo QBR template or start from scratch
  2. Invite the right people. Invite stakeholders familiar with the program and who can make a valuable contribution
  3. Be transparent. Create an action plan and show goals and strategy
  4. Assign responsibility. Now everyone knows what the review is about, why they need to be there and what’s required of them
  5. Work in an Agile way. Use Kanban view and statuses for tasks (ToDo, Doing, Done)


1. What should be included in a QBR?

QBR should include an action plan with goals and metrics. Invited stakeholders must decide about strategy. Review benchmark data, products usage, and successes. QBR also include information about opportunity and expansion

2. How can I invite or add stakeholders to KanBo QBR Meeting Agenda?

User management section is in the middle of the left panel. Click “Users” and manage your QBR Team

3. Can I share documents relevant to QBR in KanBo?

Add document to a Card or Board. Now all participants with access to QBR Meeting Agenda have access to this document

4. What is the best way to create an Action Plan for QBR?

Use Card statuses and build your own workflow. In this way, every Card/Task can have a responsible person and show the status of work.

3 most powerful features in QBR Meeting Agenda

Illustration showing changing order of Todo lists

Streamline work with to-do lists

  • Break down complicated tasks into smaller chunks or to-dos for easy execution
  • Mark to-dos as you complete them to notify others of your progress
  • Drag and drop to-dos and assign them to others for effective collaboration and coordination within the team
Illustration showing the conversation of two people

Create effective teams with endless potential. Empower employees and teams with an autonomous framework that lets them reach their true potential. KanBo helps increase individual responsibility through transparency and lets you build an unbreakable bond of trust that inspires honest work and true dedication

KanBo Timeline

May it be upcoming deadlines and events or past dates, you can keep track of all work-related dates with KanBo’s powerful Timeline feature. The Timeline borrows dates from KanBo cards and maps them as dots on an interactive line that represents time

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Just download it and use the Add Template from file feature in KanBo. Then add a new board based on the recently uploaded template.


You can also see this template in action by accessing our Sandbox demonstration environment now.