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Digital workplaces play an important role in helping companies streamline and improve their efficiency.

The people within an organization are the ones that help define the culture and direction of a company. A digital workplace is all about empowering your employees to achieve their full potential and positively influence the business itself.

Here are some of the top advantages of adopting a digital workplace:

  • Growth in Revenue
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Better Employee Engagement
  • Talent Acquisition

What does digital workplace mean?

The digital workspace leverages technology to create a modern version of the traditional physical workplace. It is considered a natural evolution of the workplace where the work environment is augmented with rapidly evolving technological tools. From HR applications and business applications to email, messaging and video conferencing tools, the digital workplace encompasses all the technologies used by your workforce.

Due to the natural amalgamation of technology in our everyday lives, most businesses are already using many of the components needed for a digital workplace to thrive. If your employees check emails through their smartphones or communicate through various Instant messaging and conferencing tools, your business might already have a good base to start with. Businesses dedicated to building a sound digital workplace can make their employee engagement and satisfaction skyrocket which directly results in increased productivity, efficiency and growth.

What are the benefits of a digital workplace?

The success of the digital workplace can be attributed to the plethora of advantages it can have for your organization.

Here are some of the top advantages of adopting a digital workplace:

  • Growth in Revenue

Through time saving and efficient training, digital workplaces can help you reduce costs spent on wages, travel expenses and training.

  • Improved Efficiency

A digital workplace allows you to streamline operations and remove obstacles while helping your team reach their true potential.

  • Better Employee Engagement

The days of equating productive work to hours spent in the office is gone.  Modern employees are looking for more immersive and fulfilling work opportunities that can easily be unlocked by adopting a digital workplace.

  • Talent Acquisition

With a digital workplace, companies can overcome geographical barriers to acquire the best talent in the world.

How do you prepare an organization for a digital workplace?

To make the most out of the digital marketplace, companies should be focusing on the following things:


Build a digital workplace strategy that includes your approach and criteria for integrating emerging technologies into your business.

Figure Out Risk and Compliance

New technology can be prone to a host of risks, security, privacy, and compliance concerns.  Open dialogue regarding risk and compliance to address concerns early on to avoid issues in the future.

Start Experimenting

Start experimenting with emerging technologies to figure out how they can be integrated into your business.

Get to know Employees

Get a deeper understanding of how your multi-generational workforce functions on a day to day basis including their needs, motivations, and attitudes towards the digital workplace.

Promote Digital Skills

Raise your employees’ digital IQ through digital skill-building and promoting a mindset that will allow the organization to make the most out of digital transformation.

What is a digital workplace strategy?

A digital workplace strategy aims to boost agility and engagement within the workforce. This involves considering the way people work, the tools they utilize, the skills they need and the culture they can thrive in. A sound digital workplace strategy can help organizations foster digital agility, efficiency and dexterity within the workforce.

What is digital workplace transformation?

Digital workplace transformation consists of converting business strategies and procedures to suit digital solutions. While many companies already have a sound base to start off with, it is often important to transform business practices that help you make the most out of digital solutions.

What is digital agility?

Digital agility is all about moving swiftly and easily with technology and tools. This involves the age-old concept of doing things fast at lower costs combined with technology. Digital agility is integral to the success of the modern workplace and can help your business remain competitive while being lean and agile.

How important is technology in the workplace?

Technology is essential for making the big move to a fully digital workplace. Here are some top advantages of having a sound technological infrastructure for your business:


Technology allows your organization the freedom to scale as you grow without much extra overhead.

Enabling Remote Work

Technology allows your organization to promote a remote work culture that is becoming the norm in today’s world.

Elevating Employee Experience

From simplifying day to day tasks to streamlining communications, technology can make work life easier for your employees.

Constant Innovation

Technology allows your business to connect to the rapidly changing world, ensuring that you stay innovative and competitive.


As technology evolves and morphs into something bigger and better, enterprises all over the world are looking for ways to leverage it the right way. The digital workplace ensures that your business makes the best use of the technological resources at hand. While the big move can be intimidating at first, the benefits outweigh the risks. In the fast-moving landscape, businesses which fail to make the most out of the advantages of the digital workplace risk being left behind.

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