KanBo builds an ecosystem of meaningfulness where individual work contributes to the organization’s broader mission. The sense of meaningful contribution empowers employees to connect with organization’s goals on a deeper level, which sets the foundation for a true work-life balance.

Explore these insightful features by KanBo that allow individuals to perform meaningful work that connects to them on a deeper level.

Following KanBo Elements

Personalize your information stream and only see what is relevant to you

KanBo makes sure that you are always up to date on all topics that are relevant to you. In KanBo you can follow important elements, like cards, lists or entire boards and based on what you chose KanBo pushes the right information into your personal notification stream. Here is a breakdown of the elements you can follow and what it may entail:

Following a Card: The smallest possible context to follow is the card. By following a card, you will receive all updates like new comments, status or list changes, updates of documents, user assignments, date changes and many more.

Following a List: You may want to follow a Board List because it represents a certain stage of a process which you are responsible for. KanBo will inform you about all changes inside of cards that are currently contained by the Board List you chose to follow.

Following a Board: KanBo lets you follow an entire KanBo Board to stay updated about everything that happens inside of it.

It is important to note that you can easily unfollow any KanBo elements which are not relevant to your work anymore. However, you can always check up on them when required.

You are the only one who can decide what is relevant for you and KanBo gives you full control over the quality and quantity of information that you are regularly updated about.

Meaningful Enterprise Search Experience

Find meaningful answers not just documents or links

KanBo makes it easier to find meaningful answers with its adaptive search mechanisms and an underlying information structure that dissolves information silos. Instead of simply pointing to documents with similar phrases, KanBo uses unprecedented approaches to effectively present information with the highest precision, relevancy and in-context.

Tapping into Silos to Answer Questions

Despite living in the age of connectivity many companies are still plagued by information silos which make it hard to find the right information without structured and tagged content. KanBo uses the mix of information coming from many corporate silos such as ERP, CRM, DMS, or even legacy network drives to deliver relevant and contextualized search results. Finding relevant answers saves employees valuable time and gets them back on track.

KanBo’s Unique DNA

The secret lies in KanBo’s own DNA, which is the precise work-context delivered through the atomic work-objects, known as the KanBo Cards. Here are some important aspects preserved inside the KanBo card that allow it to deliver extremely precise search results.

  • Who is working on the card and why.
  • Documents and other pieces of relevant data from external systems.
  • All conversations and all mechanical inputs like status changes frequency and their meaning, history of user visits, the MyBoards it belongs to and up to 60 other signals.

Each piece of information stored inside a card is taken into account by KanBo’s Machine Learning when composing the most meaningful search results. KanBo keeps up with the rapidly evolving changes and personalizes search results based on updated information and user preferences. With KanBo, all that you seek is seeking you!


Work with documents in the most natural way simplifying document sharing, version control and collaboration

KanBo revolutionizes the way documents are handled by decoupling storage from the employees’ workspace. By doing so it solves the most difficult problem faced by many companies today – the document duplication. This allows KanBo to handle lots of documents stored across different systems such as SharePoint, network drives, cloud storage or proprietary legacy archives and embed them into work-contexts without the need of copying them.

Here are the main features of KanBo’s document management:

Multi-Dimensional Document Sharing

One-dimensional storage systems using folder structures cannot keep up with the velocity of today’s business dynamics. KanBo introduces the Document Sources mechanism through which employees can connect any document storage location to any KanBo board. This allows employees to use documents from that document source simply by attaching them to cards using drag & drop.

Even after using the same document in multiple cards, the document remains as a single entity without any duplicates and always exists in its latest version for everyone in every work-context.

Monitor Version Changes

All documents in KanBo are versioned and all version changes are monitored by KanBo. These changes are then automatically pushed into the Card Activity Streams. A change in any document contained in a card you follow will result in a notification that updates you instantly.

Real-time Co-Authoring and Collaboration across Devices

KanBo enables coauthoring documents on different devices and allows each author to view the changes being made in real time. As everyone changes parts of the document on their ends, the real time updates ensure that everyone ends up with the final version of the document eliminating the need of sending anything.

Email to KanBo Board

Bridge the media breaks between agile work and email world

Working together on shared email addresses like accounts@, sales@ and support@ can be a nightmare. KanBo turns this nightmare into a pleasant reality with its incoming email feature. With KanBo, you can effortlessly bring your emails into the right context and have them available to all team members instantly.

Sending Emails to KanBo Boards

Just like an email address for a department or process, every KanBo Board can have its unique email address with a custom domain name.

When an email is sent to that address it will automatically be converted into a card in a predefined Board List for that email address. KanBo will also upload all email attachments to the card that was just created.

To avoid spam, you can impose restrictions such as only board members can send emails to the board.

Sending Emails to KanBo Cards

Not just KanBo Boards but KanBo Cards can also have a unique email address. Sending an email to the KanBo Card’s address will attach the email and its contents to the existing card. All emails can be viewed inside of KanBo without leaving the context of the card.

Take a minute to let the untapped potential of KanBo’s revolutionary email connectivity sink in. The bottom line: KanBo’s email connectivity can help you capture sales leads and product demo requests, solicit community feedback, connect your legacy system to your digital workplace, simplify your applicant tracking workflow, and all that is just the beginning!