How to use Personal Kanban in the digital enterprise world with KanBo?

In this short guide, we show how to improve the enterprise way you work to strike the perfect work-life balance with Personal Kanban. Learn more about the 5 unique steps of Personal Kanban and how to implement them in the digital enterprise world.

Enter Personal Kanban for enterprise, a personal productivity approach that brings all your work into one place. Allowing enterprise employees to handle daily tasks with maximum efficiency and focus on company goals. Personal Kanban for enterprise adds flexibility to work, adapting to multiple work styles and situations. May it be at the office or at remote work at home. Personal Kanban for enterprise can simplify work and present it in a visual way twitch useful insight.

To make Personal Kanban more accessible to everyone in the digital age, KanBo software has created a special digital board called MyBoard. MyBoard automatically collects all assigned tasks to an employee and places them in lists to make work and tasks visible in one place. This article will examine 5 steps in which KanBo’s digital Personal Kanban for enterprise can transform the way how employees do work daily.

What is Personal Kanban in an enterprise?

The concept of using Personal Kanban as a productivity approach in the enterprise is not a new one. Personal Kanban in an enterprise is a tried and tested method of boosting productivity by visualizing work and limiting work-in-progress to avoid doing too much at the same time (bad multitasking). However, the old, physical ways of implementing Personal Kanban are no longer practical in the modern enterprise.

With the host of technological features available to us, we need new ways to integrate our productivity with our technology. KanBo’s MyBoard is the smart union of productivity with cutting-edge technology that makes work more intuitive and more practical for employees than ever before.

MyBoard – Personal Kanban

KanBo’s MyBoard allows you to visualize and prioritize your own work stream. Move cards, set dates & reminders, get insights and more with KanBo.

How-to Improve Work with Personal Kanban in 5 steps

1. Boosting Work Visibility

MyBoard is a unified platform to visualize all your work coming from multiple boards (sources) and present a comprehensive overview of your workflow. MyBoard helps employees in enterprise get a 360-degree view of all their work with full transparency.

With Personal Kanban’s work visibility features, an employee can stay updated through notifications and use a timeline to track deadlines. Finally, employees can invite other team members to MyBoard as visitors so they can see what is currently working on. What task is next in the employee pipeline and where you are waiting for others and why. This opens a whole new channel of communication that eliminates the need for time consuming and unnecessary meetings while boosting transparency in the enterprise at the same time.

2. Going Beyond Real-Time

In today’s fast-paced world, enterprises must stay updated at all times. Employee and whole enterprise can transcend physical and geographical boundaries with Personal Kanban that goes beyond real-time. KanBo with MyBoard eliminates delays and presents a consistent picture of work for all team members to see regardless of time or place. The cross-functional team equipped with features such as activity presence, current card visitors, action indicators and read receipts, can collaborate across enterprise and bridge gaps to work efficiently.

3. Unlock the Potential of Remote Work

Work is no longer about the time employee put in and all about the productivity which employees achieve. KanBo software provides round the clock availability and access to unlock the true potential of working remotely. Whether it is keeping up with your coworkers with activity streams, figuring out block-ups or controlling detail levels in streams, KanBo handles it all to give the enterprise the full remote work experience. So, you, your team, your department, and the whole enterprise can work out loud.

4. Understand your work better with Multiple Views

As an enterprise employee manage your work better by viewing it from different perspectives, dimensions with multiple visualizations. Keep an eye on work that needs to be done, find out work capacity gaps, and more with the useful insights and views available in MyBoard and any other KanBo Board.

5.  Invite others to Enable Collaboration

KanBo software allows employees to share information in a very natural way within and outside the enterprise. With the invite feature, employees can easily invite others to a card or board to collaborate across the enterprise. With “open book” enabled, employees in the enterprise can create new boards and invite others to start and share work. A KanBo card – productive stream of contextual communication that makes work easier across the enterprise because employee sticks with the work context, always!


As technology evolves and morphs into something bigger and better, enterprises all over the world are looking for ways to leverage it the right way. The digital workplace ensures that your business makes the best use of the technological resources at hand. While the big move can be intimidating at first, the benefits outweigh the risks. In the fast-moving landscape, businesses which fail to make the most out of the advantages of the digital workplace risk being left behind.

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