Atlassian Drops Jira Server, KanBo Provides Safe Alternative

Many enterprises may be moving to the cloud but there are still some which prefer the safety net of their own servers.

Atlassian took a bold decision when it announced the discontinuation of the Jira Server, leaving the Jira Cloud solution as the only option for their customer base. Many have expressed their distress over the situation and are seeking alternatives for the Jira server.

Unlike Jira, KanBo offers its customers the option to ditch the cloud for a secure on-premises solution. For customers who like the added bit of security and control, on-premises can be an essential option.

As an alternative to the Jira Server, KanBo provides all the functionality without compromising your enterprise’s security. Many organizations including those that are highly regulated and have strict compliance standards can surely benefit from having full control over their data.

In this regard, KanBo can prove to be an instrumental tool for IT administrators and IT departments who not willing to sacrifice their security.

Why choose KanBo as a Jira Server alternative?

Top 10 reasons why the enterprise chooses KanBo as a Jira Server alternative:

Jira has been a popular choice among many IT administrators and departments for several years. Being a product from the
well-established Atlassian Suite, it is no surprise that most people prefer to go for it. From medium-sized businesses to large enterprises across multiple industries such as pharmaceutical, construction, finance, banking, automotive and many more, a lot of IT clients have used Jira and benefited from its services.

Previously, Jira had three different offerings in the form of Jira Data Center, Jira Server, and Jira Cloud. This gave enterprises the option to choose the type of infrastructure they wanted.

Recently, however, Atlassian announced the end of the Jira Server in favor of its cloud counterpart.
This left all these major businesses with no option to choose an on-premises solution. While the cloud is popular among a lot of enterprises, there are many who are apprehensive about embracing it due to security issues and compliance reasons. By taking away this option, Jira has robbed such organizations of the ability to use their services. In light of these events, many organizations are looking for a suitable alternative to the Jira Server.

KanBo – An Alternative for the Jira Server

For enterprises that value the freedom of choosing between on-premise and cloud, KanBo can act as an excellent alternative for the Jira Server. With its on-premises installation solution, businesses can store their data on secure servers that they have full control over, behind a firewall they manage and accessible without the internet.

There are many reasons why some enterprises may choose the security of their servers over the cloud. One of the biggest reasons is the lack of security of a public cloud. Many enterprises that function in highly regulated fields such as the military, government, and healthcare cannot take the risk of exposing sensitive information to the public cloud.

This means that countless individuals including doctors, lawyers, brokers, medical professionals, and more will be denied the ability to boost their productivity through work management software.

KanBo provides such individuals a reliable, powerful, secure, and completely configurable on-premises solution so they don’t have to make a tradeoff between security and functionality.

KanBo’s Strong Focus on Security and Compliance

KanBo was built as a powerful collaborative tool for enterprises that prefer the freedom of choosing between on-premises and the cloud. Since 2010, KanBo has been providing its robust IT solutions and services to various enterprises across multiple industries.

From balancing costs at the company and protecting it from security breaches to meeting compliance standards and ensuring data retention, KanBo’s services have you covered.

With the on-premises solution, you can be sure that your enterprise stays safe from security breaches that may expose confidential information regarding your projects, customers, and clients.

KanBo encompasses your projects, teams, departments, and users, allowing all facets of the organization to work in harmony while staying secure on your private server.

KanBo has been perfected through years of research and development that have resulted in an all-in-one solution for all your organizational needs.

If you were a user of the Jira Server and now find yourself looking for an alternative, KanBo can fill the gaps for you. Whether you have a global enterprise or medium-sized operation, KanBo can fit right into your infrastructure. KanBo also offers flexible pricing models that allow businesses of all sizes to enjoy the transparency, freedom, and security offered by KanBo On-premises.


KanBo believes in the idea of growth and its very software is based on an open API model in which users can develop their own applications and connections. Along with our helpful guides, we also have a dedicated team of professionals who work with our clients to implement customized business solutions using KanBo.

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