How to unlock the potential of Departments in Large Organizations during lockdown

Thousands of people work across sites from the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, India, Europe, Africa. During the COVID-19 pandemic lot of business operations has moved online, often to self-service digital platforms like KanBo.

Collaboration and knowledge sharingremote workplanningmanaging riskdigitizing operations, and business continues are critical during COVID-19 for every Enterprise. KanBo empowers purpose-driven organizations to optimize work management with full transparency and trust, so people can work the way they were truly meant to – perfectly connected and always in sync.

Think back to the last time you were so deeply consumed by the passion for your work that time just flew by. Recall the pleasant feeling of believing that your work is meaningful and how the work flowed through you almost effortlessly. That is what working together should be like.

In today’s world, so much potential is being lost due to scattered information and unclear responsibilities. We are always on the lookout to cut through the chaos with low-value meetings, micromanagement, and politics because our lives are too short to be wasted chasing information and figuring out responsibilities. KanBo aspires to take those troubles away and replaces them with an all-consuming passion and dedication for meaningful work.

KanBo is a digital work management solution for the intelligent large organization. KanBo gives companies a way to work better, more effectively, and more connectedly, enabling them to minimize risk, manage compliance, and decrease costs. KanBo brings back the trusted work and collaboration values while recognizing the unprecedented digital transformation that is occurring across enterprises and the pressure to embrace change, resulting in a new work paradigm. Covid-19 will end soon on later, but transformation and a new way of work stay with organizations for a long time. KanBo is an answer for the after Covid-19 future. KanBo goes beyond the traditional way of managing work by bringing new digital technology with it that enables end-to-end visibility, real-time collaborationstreamlined workflowenhanced security, and extended productivity. KanBo is all about optimizing every activity, work, task, strategy, service, and project. KanBo connects hundreds of employees at any time and in any place, for on-demand, synchronized, and context-sensitive collaboration. KanBo means reconnecting to people. KanBo means reinvigorating work. KanBo is the future of work.


In which industries, KanBo can be used during Covid-19?

KanBo can be used in all kinds of industries in all countries. With its flexible, native user interface (UI), KanBo can be used in virtually any work environment with no training necessary. KanBo offers custom analytics, multiple levels of security, multi-language support, and a seamless way to integrate with CRMERP, GRC, SharePointOffice 365, and other corporate systems.

In which departments can KanBo be used during Covid-19?

It depends on the work structure. For large sized companies, KanBo can be used by all departments. Each department can use KanBo for their projects – new employees have KanBo for their personal projects as well. KanBo is not just a project-management tool, but a complete tool to manage everything – scheduling, financial reporting, budgeting, resource allocation, job management, customer feedback, etc. It can be used by everyone in the company.

How to use KanBo in Operations Department during Covid-19?

KanBo is all about optimizing processes, automating workflows, and getting rid of useless meetings. It means bringing back the magic to work – the ability to easily get answers, work together, trust each other, and be in sync. KanBo can be used in almost any organization. From basic To-dos and daily tasks in projects to build complex solutions. Operations Department can bring KanBo to large scale projects in enterprise organizations.

How to use KanBo in HR Department during Covid-19?

KanBo is all about connecting employees and empowering them. It means having everyone follow the company’s values, trust each other, and work together. HR Department can use KanBo to find talents, connect and empower employees, allow flexibility in the way people work, allow them to communicate and work across departments and projects.

How to use KanBo in Sales Department during Covid-19?

Sales Department can use KanBo to drive Sales and business development. It means having all the salespeople working together and communicating in the best possible way, so that sales efforts are focused on the right customers, in the right channels, and to the right results. Salespeople can create KanBo Board or use our templates for a Sales team and personalize the way they work together.

How to use KanBo in Purchase Department during Covid-19?

All the Purchase Department’s departments (Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing, Inventory, and Accounting), including people, resources, products and space, can be connected in a seamless way, so they can work together, hand in hand, and enable the Purchase Department to efficiently manage Purchase Order Tracking, payments, and inventory management.

How to use KanBo in R&D Department during Covid-19?

R&D Department can connect all internal business units in a unique and dynamic way. It means having R&D employees working together and sharing their insights. In R&D Department, KanBo is used to find, acquire and acquire insights, enabling the R&D Department to rapidly respond to changes in the market, to take advantage of new technologies, and make their products/services available to the market faster.

How to use KanBo in IT Department during Covid-19?

IT Department can use KanBo to transform and modernize work style, changing the way people work and the way things work. IT Department can connect all people, devices, applications, and resources in a single place. KanBo makes IT Department more efficient, thus enabling it to focus on IT development, testing, and supporting projects in a more effective way.

How to use KanBo in Marketing Department during Covid-19?

Marketing Department using KanBo can connect all marketing projects and initiatives in a creative and intuitive way. It means having full control over all marketing tasks in one place, to be in control over the customer’s journey and interaction with the Marketing team. Marketing Department can use KanBo to provide projects, create, engage, target, and analyze marketing activities.

How to use KanBo in Finance Department during Covid-19?

The finance Department can use KanBo to build a complete budget in one place, enabling the Finance Department to look at the entire picture from an end-to-end view. The Finance Department can use KanBo to manage costs across departments in a central place. It means having well-structured information about the budget that is open to everyone in the Finance Department, which helps the Finance Department to compare costs and use key insights to make smart decisions.

How to use KanBo in Cross-functional Department during Covid-19?

The Cross-functional Department can use KanBo to build a unique way of work, connecting people and resources across departments. They can use KanBo to foster trust and collaboration by focusing on the Customer and engage everyone in the department to work together in the best possible way. They can develop a strategy that is customer-centric and looks at ways to support the business, through the entire customer journey, including from campaign strategy to post-campaign support

What is the benefit of using KanBo?

The unique way of working together, across different departments in large organizations, so they can work in a continuous loop for achieving the Enterprise goals. By connecting people, processes, and tools, the KanBo makes it possible for companies to evolve and change in the way they work and achieve new ways of digital work.

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