Atlassian’s Announcement Forces Marketing Departments to Search for Jira Alternatives

A number of marketing departments in large organizations don’t have the option to use cloud-based solutions because of internal and external security standards and regulations.

This may change in the future but for now, any organization that wants to ensure complete security of its data and apps needs to deploy an on-premises solution. In this context, Atlassian’s recent announcement to shut down Jira Server has been received as a worrying surprise for Marketing Departments across different industries.

They are now searching for financially and functionally viable on-premises software so their marketing teams can continue to enforce agile working methods while ensuring high-end security. The real question here is what is the alternative software for a large number of marketing departments in large organizations when Atlassian has no plans to continue Jira Server? (More information about KanBo as an alternative software for Jira Server is here)

KanBo as Jira  alternative

Is An On-Premises Solution for Marketing Departments in Large Organizations?

Relying on KanBo On-Premises software, the marketing department in your enterprise can continue to work in an agile style while also ensuring top-notch security. KanBo software has emerged as one of the best alternatives, if not the best, for marketing departments across a diverse range of industries as Atlassian has now discontinued Jira Server. The on-premises software isn’t just a product but your trusted digital partner for all of your organizational marketing requirements, milestones, and objectives. Marketing is an essential business operation for enhancing sales, engaging larger audiences, combining a multitude of channels, spreading brand awareness, and propelling brand diversity across an organization. 

KanBo turns your enterprise marketing into a streamlined and convenient process offering a versatile and flexible solution that features on-premises security empowering you to focus on the essential aspects of your business such as building sustained growth and increasing revenues. From creating comprehensive and insightful marketing strategies to optimizing your ad campaigns, KanBo stays with your marketing team all along the way.

Why Choose KanBo On-Premises Over Cloud?

Despite the ever-growing popularity of cloud-based data and app deployment, it is not the most suitable option for all types of organizations and enterprises. Because of the responsibility of maintaining strict internal and external regulatory standards, many organizations choose to confine themselves within the comfort of their own hardware infrastructure and firewall choosing security over functionality. With KanBo, your organization’s marketing department does not need to make that compromise (Prerequisites for KanBo Onpremise instalation is here). 

  • Your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can create and operate a versatile marketing department that has the full capability of adapting and working in agile style.  
  • With KanBo On-Premises software, your marketing department has access to easy-to-use tools for tracking your marketing and advertising campaigns, initiatives, and projects.  
  • You can also collaborate with other departments such as human resources (HR) and IT to create an effective agile marketing strategy. 

When you think about conventional marketing, many among us think of Excel, which is fundamentally a database. It is indeed quite a versatile and effective data visualization tool but it is certainly not a traditional marketing tool. This might sound a bit odd but marketing departments are trying to work in a far more digital and innovative way and Excel isn’t a part of it, at least not a major part. 

Modern marketing departments, agencies, and consultants do not rely on Excel but use KanBo software for online and agile marketing. If your marketing department doesn’t have the option to use the cloud and requires the on-premises deployment of apps and data, then you must consider KanBo software as a viable alternative to Jira Server. 

  • KanBo allows you to integrate both Office 365 and Azure Environment to leverage the power of your digital technology stack and maintain productivity. 
  • You also have the option to integrate single services through APIs such as Exchange, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, and more. 
  • KanBo does not share any of your organizational data with third parties. The deployment operates as a part of your enterprise’s native cloud infrastructure so you have complete control of your business data.

Isn’t Migrating to a Brand New Software a Big Risk?

There is no denying the fact that embracing new futuristic technology and migrating to a completely new solution may bring unforeseen challenges to your marketing department. However, KanBo isn’t just a software package but a complete support infrastructure for your marketing department that morphs itself into a vital part of your organization to function in compliance with your business objectives and requirements.

Apart from that, regardless of the scale of your operations, any organization or enterprise can choose KanBo as its primary on-premises solution for marketing, purchase, and other departments. All the tracking and planning of a diverse range of marketing projects, initiatives, and campaigns can be done effectively through KanBo software which makes it an ideal option for all types of enterprises. Your organization will be in a position to streamline and enhance its reporting process by integrating KanBo solutions with internal applications.

That’s why, if your company’s marketing department is looking for the ideal combination of the security of on-premises infrastructure, an agile work style, and cutting-edge technology that powers innovation and success, KanBo on-premises is exactly the right choice for the entire organization, marketing and other departments, and all the teams.


KanBo Software offers enterprise marketing solutions that improve marketing performance, achieve strategic goals, and help you enforce organizational breakthroughs that can improve operational and financial efficiencies. From tracking marketing performance and quality of marketing initiatives to managing and measuring marketing ROI, KanBo Enterprise marketing software fulfills the growing requirements of marketing departments across different industries putting your organization in a better position to ensure effective business planning through the on-premises deployment of data and apps.

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