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Personal work efficiency is all about visualizing your work and giving it the right priority. Learn the 6 advanced features of KanBo’s Personal Kanban, which can help you all that and more.

Whether you wish to advance your career or live a happier and healthier life, the outcomes may depend on the efficiency with which you perform your personal work. While not everyone has the same sense of organization and structure, all humans have an innate capability to learn, which makes it easy to improve personal work efficiency to strike a productive balance in everyday life.

Fortunately, you no longer have to rely on trial and error to find the perfect way to boost your personal work efficiency. By utilizing the concept of Seeing is Knowing, you can easily build an improvement strategy based on visualization and personalization also known as the Personal Kanban. The Personal Kanban is a well renowned method of work management and pairing that up with technology can give you the perfect solution to all your personal work requirements.

KanBo’s Personal Kanban representation is called the MyBoard. It lets you see your tasks and then prioritize them with lists – hence, checking all the right boxes for a productivity tool that improves personal work efficiency. This article presents 6 advanced ways to improve personal work with MyBoard – the KanBo’s digital Personal Kanban.

The 6-step process to improve personal Work Efficiency

KanBo digitizes the concept of the Personal Kanban to present an all-encompassing personal productivity tool that allows you to build your own work contexts. Here are the 6 advanced steps to improve your personal work efficiency using KanBo’s MyBoard template:

1. Visualize work first

Humans need visual cues to keep track of things in everyday life. Don’t let your work go out of sight and out of your mind by visualizing it in a natural way. MyBoard brings work into focus by creating a landscape of work you can easily navigate and understand. Simply add all your work to your Personal Kanban (MyBoard) and use features such as timeline, grouping by board, dates and personal reminders to help you stay in control of work and boost personal efficiency.

MyBoard – Personal Kanban

KanBo’s MyBoard allows you to visualize and prioritize your own work stream. Move cards, set dates & reminders, get insights and more with KanBo.

2. Know your priorities

Work is never ending and doing all of it at once can result in inefficiency. With MyBoard, knowing your priorities is as simple as creating lists representing them. Besides your own priority lists setup, you could use the Eisenhower Matrix or the Six Sigma template to get started.

Once you have your lists in place you can start filling them up by adding cards representing your work from all KanBo Boards where you collaborate with your teammates or departments. Handling changing priorities is as easy as moving cards between lists or moving them up and down within the lists to perfectly visualize what needs to be done in which order.

3. Stay updated

In today’s fast paced world, going beyond real time is a necessity. In MyBoard you can view all your work and recent developments in their most updated forms without any additional effort. Since everything in KanBo occurs in real time, you and your colleagues can have a consistent picture of work contexts that enhances collaboration on all levels. Utilizing innovative KanBo features such as action indicators, current visitors, read receipts, activity streams and presence indicators can help you reach new heights of efficiency at work.

4. Access from anywhere on any device

People should work around energy instead of hours at any place and at any time. Remote work is all about achieving the maximum efficiency while staying in your comfort zone. MyBoard is equipped with many features that facilitate a perfect remote work environment. Solve block ups fast by recognizing who is waiting for you and why or receive distinct notifications when you are on the move represent some of the functionalities of KanBo especially designed to meet the requirements of future workplaces to achieve personal work efficiency beyond time zones and geographical locations.

An illustration showing a laptop and a mobile phone, hands coming out of them, which shake hands

5. Focus and Finish

Constantly exceeding your work capacity can lead to inefficiency and ultimately to burnout. One of the main features of the personal Kanban is to limit your work in progress so you can focus on the tasks at hand and finish them properly before you take on new work.

6. Boost team engagement with Transparency and Trust

With the option of opening your Personal Kanban board to others, you can actively display your priorities and your current work engagements to your team. By doing so you are not only opening up a whole new realm of efficiency but also demonstrating trust – the raw material for building the best teams. By seeing what is on each other’s plates, team members develop a renewed sense of mutual respect for each other’s work and experience a boost in morale that can improve team engagement and overall efficiency.


With Personal Kanban at your disposal, personal work efficiency can be lifted to new heights. Enjoy the feeling of being so deeply consumed by the passion for your work that time just flies by and you forget about the world around you. Utilize these 6 advanced features and explore more on KanBo’s Personal Kanban – the MyBoard. Try out the Personal Kanban template on KanBo now.