KanBo equips you with the stability, dependability and security you need for your business

Deploy with full confidence

KanBo is deployable on any infrastructure including environments disconnected from the public internet, behind customer’s firewalls and on any major public cloud. Experience unparalleled productivity on a platform designed for effective coordination and execution of work using your organization’s IT infrastructure.

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Work seamlessly across your favorite enterprise backbones

KanBo works seamlessly with top cloud productivity suites and apps so you can always stay in your comfort zone. Supercharge your organizational productivity with native integrations into SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite, AWS, Salesforce and many more. KanBo also supports high security cloud infrastructures including Office 365 GCC High, DoD (Department of Defense) and AWS GovCloud.

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Unite people on a platform with flawless integrations

Businesses in the modern world need a platform that seamlessly connects people and processes. KanBo integrates with a wide variety of the most popular enterprise and business apps, enabling your workforce to sync and automate data across the enterprise. By bringing together scattered information, KanBo dissolves silos into an actionable source of knowledge that people can understand. KanBo organizes critical processes on one platform while bridging the gap between people and tools.

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Maximize security and reliability

KanBo provides unparalleled protection from internal and external harm. We build, and consistently enhance, robust safeguards into every part of KanBo to maintain exceptional security and eliminate downtime. As part of your infrastructure KanBo meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of your IT department so you are in control of access and data. KanBo provides infallible safety for secure and trustworthy business operations.

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Customize, automate and integrate

Customize and automate your organization’s workflows with KanBo’s powerful API. KanBo’s capability to combine multi-platform connection with process automation allows you to build efficient work practices that boost productivity and create a satisfying employee experience. KanBo’s API is equipped with the latest technology to exchange data in and out of the platform while adequately reacting to any changes. KanBo lets you build your own integrations, automate your processes, customize the workflows, and track your progress.

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