KanBo On-Premises is the Jira Alternative Large Organizations Are Searching For

There is an overwhelming majority of organizations who relied on Jira to serve their customers.

Migrating to a cloud-based solution is a non-starter for them because of internal and external regulations and compliance concerns. These concerns have now turned into serious discussions on a multitude of platforms including social media platforms, forums, and groups as organizations now search for a financially and functionally viable alternative to Atlassian product.

What is the reason for these discussions?

In an unfortunate development on the 2nd of February, Atlassian announced that it will be discontinuing support for all of its server products including Jira. What this means for many organizations is that technical support and bug fixes will no longer be available for their server products leaving them vulnerable especially from the security perspective.

Is There a Jira Server Alternative On-Premises Solution Dedicated for Large Organizations?

Fortunately, there is good news. Organizations who are now looking for a Jira alternative can rely on KanBo on-premises software that offers a feature-rich, secure, and reliable solution especially designed and created for large organizations who don’t have the option to move their apps and data to a cloud-based infrastructure. In today’s rapidly changing world, it has become crucial for organizations to select the right technology infrastructure to ensure long-term success.  

On-premises deployment is the backbone of many businesses and that’s where KanBo can be an ideal fit, especially if your enterprise is searching for a perfect combination of the security of an on-premises infrastructure combined with the cutting-edge technology of cloud that enables innovation and growth. 

Being recognized by a lot of small to large scale users, KanBo software has gained immense ground in the enterprise market in the last few years. Some of the key features that large organizations can make the most of including the following: 

  • Data Accessibility – Having your data on-premise means quick and convenient access without any need for an internet connection. 
  • Backup – In the event that your infrastructure fails or an unfortunate incident occurs, all of your data is backed up locally on your secure server. 
  • Integrations – KanBo software is highly versatile and flexible offering user-friendly compatibility with a wide range of apps including integrations with third-party apps so your organization can leverage the power of its technology stack to its full extent. 
  • Time – With KanBo, you have more time to focus on your business growth and long-term strategic planning instead of worrying about operational issues like how to move all data from your server to the cloud in a safe and secure manner. 
  • Security – Whether you are using an on-premises or dedicated solution, KanBo offers high-level security for your data. 
  • Administration Friendly – KanBo is a versatile solution that enables your IT department and teams to configure settings, manage users, set up their security and more according to your business needs. 
  • Compliance – With KanBo, it is easier than ever to ensure compliance with all types of internal and external laws, policies, and regulations such as GDPR. 

What Does the KanBo On-Premise Solution Offer?

KanBo On-Premise solution has been specially designed for unique enterprise needs and business requirements. With KanBo On-Premise, we assist you in addressing your business-critical needs by providing you with one of the most efficient solutions that features numerous highlights and capabilities of the state-of-the-art cloud-based applications you want to equip your teams with. KanBo is deployed on your hardware infrastructure in a highly tailored manner so it aligns with your business needs without sacrificing any features. Most of the features of the cloud solution are easily accessible on the on-premise variant. 

When it comes to maintaining compliance and regulatory standards, many businesses prefer to stay within their own firewall, choosing on-premises security over functionality. KanBo puts you in a more advantageous position as you don’t have to make that trade off by delivering you both the security and the functionality at the same time. KanBo functions as an integral part of your organization’s native on-premises IT infrastructure and provides you with complete control of your business data ensuring that nothing leaves your enterprise environment. 

Leverage the Security of Your Own Hardware & Firewall 

One of the biggest benefits of KanBo is that it allows enterprises to stay within the convenience of their own hardware infrastructure as well as a firewall. This means that your organization neither has to give up security nor functionality. You can make the most of an on-premise solution while having all the capabilities of cutting-edge cloud-based apps. 

Stay Productive with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure

You can integrate all types of Office 365 plans and Azure Environment with KanBo. They can be added as a SharePoint app along with an Azure Active Directory App. KanBo leverages Office Graph API to provide you with Office 365 integration. It can also use native Web Services and APIs of singular products including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Exchange, and more.

Use KanBo as Software as a Service (SaaS) 

Without any requirement for an IT department, you can use KanBo’s SaaS feature as we manage all the technical issues on your behalf. Moreover, you also have the luxury to choose the country where your data will be stored and KanBo will operate it in that region for you. Regardless of how small or large your enterprise is, all you need is a browser to get started. 


Based on the experience of hundreds of customers around the world, we can safely say that the compliance and cloud restrictions that a majority of users and businesses have to face are the main concern that needs to be addressed when searching for an on-premises solution. This is why the KanBo On-Premises solution has been designed to provide a reliable, secure and versatile alternative to the Jira server. The potential of the new service, the ease of deployment, and the security of the system are vital, especially for large organizations. 

Our mission is to provide solutions that let you be productive, competitive and operationally efficient while aligning with your technology infrastructure. This is exactly what KanBo On–Premises is all about.

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