Atlassian Jira Server to Shut Down – What is the Alternative for Sales Departments?

Although Atlassian has replaced its soon-to-be-shut-down Jira Server with a cloud-based solution, it is simply not an option for the Sales Department in numerous organizations across different industries.

This is a decision that C-level management has been forced to take as their organizations need to comply with internal and external security policies. Due to these regulations, no sensitive information can be stored on the cloud and all cloud services are blocked in the organization.

When Atlassian announced their decision about the Jira server shut down, Sales Departments in many organizations became concerned as they now need to find a viable alternative that allows them to ensure compliance with restrictive regulatory and security policies. It means that they will have to switch to an alternative in The Future and Sales Departments’ heads including VPs now have a new strategic task – find an alternative for Jira with an on-premises deployment model.

That being said, there are a wide variety of tools on the market that are quite similar to Jira Server but they lack the most crucial aspect that Sales Departments are looking for – on-premises deployment. What’s the solution?

What’s the Best Jira Server Alternative for Sales Departments?

Whether you are a VP of Sales or running the Department in any other capacity, KanBo On-Premises provides you with the most effective alternative to Jira Server with on-site deployment. If your Department is looking for the security offered by on-premises hardware infrastructure and deployment while enjoying the innovation and functionality of the cloud, KanBo On-Premises delivers the best of both worlds. Apart from the Sales Department, KanBo software can be quite useful for other Departments as well including HR, IT, purchase, operations, and more.

With KanBo On-Premises, your Sales Department’s unique needs and objectives are met as you have a versatile and comprehensive solution that includes a wide variety of the features and capabilities of the cutting-edge cloud-based applications you want for your team members. KanBo On-Premises is designed to take your team towards success by allowing them to streamline their workflows, track progress, and make informed decisions based on meaningful visual insights.

What KanBo On-Premises Deployment Can Do for Sales Department?

Best Jira Server Alternative

There are numerous reasons why on-premises software is critical for the Sales Department in an organization with restricted security policies. Sales Departments have a lot of sensitive data that cannot be stored on a cloud-based infrastructure regardless of how strict the security guidelines are. VP Sales now have to find answers to a lot of difficult questions. KanBo has the answers and can help them to identify and select the right alternative for Jira Server.

Streamline Sales Process & Enhance ROI

KanBo for the Sales Department takes the form of your trusted partner to help streamline your sales processes. It is a robust and feature-rich solution that works to empower your sales teams by simplifying the processes of generating business value, accumulating and following up on leads, handling complex sales process with reduced risk, and improving relationship-based sales, resulting in enhanced revenue and return on investment.

Native Integration and Improved Progress Visibility

KanBo software integrates enterprise systems with existing tools as well as external applications. This helps organizations reduce complexity, create digital harmony, and ensure improved outcomes for the organization. It also ensures better collaboration, consolidates resources on a single platform, and increases the visibility of the latest and greatest assets. Sales Departments of Large Organizations can accelerate sales talent ramp-up time and cut costs through streamlined onboarding processes.

Improve Sales Funnel and Enable Agile Teamwork

Sales leaders have the option to implement sales accountability and consistency for their teams by enabling and leveraging real-time agile teamwork. They can also manage complex sales processes through better information management, sales pipeline transparency, and teamwork collaboration to boost deal closure success and customer experiences. KanBo On-Premises also helps them create immense value with well-defined sales purpose, customer projects visibility, enterprise-grade security, flexible and agile work management.

Better Communication and Collaboration

KanBo On-Premises enables you to work together as a cross-functional Agile Sales Department. This approach offers a blend of sales and business knowledge and creates a support structure for the top priorities of the organization as well as its customers. The deployment improves sales function permitting highly focused and rapid outcomes. Moreover, KanBo for the sales department delivers high-end security with on-premises deployment, better performance, and enhanced scalability.

What Does the Deployment of KanBo On-Premises Mean for Sales Department?

KanBo On-Premises provides you with flexibility and gives your Sales Department access to advanced features to improve their efficiency and productivity. KanBo isn’t just a single department-oriented software as it provides comprehensive enterprise solutions for a multitude of departments including sales, operations, HR, IT, and marketing. When your data, workflows, and systems are stored on-premises, you can ensure that everything is secure without worrying about security and software updates.

KanBo On-Premises gives your Sales Department more features and flexibility than Jira Server. It delivers every feature you need to improve your sales performance:

  • Secure Software
  • Secured Database managed by internal IT Department
  • Optimize Database Management and Access to Data
  • Connects to Other Systems and Offers Strong Security
  • Prevent Unauthorized Access to Data

So for the VP of Sales, the answer is right here in the form of KanBo, an enterprise-oriented product for your Sales Department. The solution integrates your enterprise systems with existing tools as well as external applications reducing complexity, improving digital harmony, and ensuring better results for your sales department and enterprise.


In the event that you are a sales leader or a sales manager of a large organization, this is your opportunity to get KanBo On-Premises yourself to provide a high-quality native solution for your Sales Separtment and organization. By relying on KanBo as an alternative for Jira Server, you can ensure sales effectiveness, better productivity, and improved communication across the enterprise.

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