Project planning is an art form and KanBo helps you master it by adding a systematic paradigm to design, execution and delivery. Strike the perfect balance between flexibility and predictability with KanBo’s advanced planning features.

Get insight on KanBo’s fresh features that encompass design, execution and delivery for the perfect project planning framework.

Modern Gannt Chart

A modern take on Gantt Charts

For large project plans which require scalability, spreadsheets aren’t the ideal long term solution. KanBo brings its take on the highly useful Gantt Chart that lets you see how the pieces fit together in terms of timing and deadlines. KanBo’s modern Gantt Chart gives you the freedom to adjust your plans dynamically, stay on top of deadlines and keep the right people updated. With a complete view of how tasks and deadlines connect, you can identify resource allocation issues and find dependency conflicts before the project even begins. Projects were never meant to be planned in spreadsheets - turn Excel into actionable plans now.

Date Dependencies

Asses, evaluate and adjust the impact of shifting dynamics of time

Most businesses are involved in dynamic and continuously evolving projects where things change without a moment’s notice. KanBo guards the dependencies between the crucial pieces of the project so you can get the full picture – even when deadlines, responsibilities and work items change.

KanBo visualizes the impact on affected elements of your entire work structure. Not only do you see which work-packages or projects will not be delivered on time, but you can find the root cause with just a few clicks. KanBo gives you the entire context of the card which is breaking your schedule and enables you to quickly get to the bottom of the problem. True to its philosophy of transparency, KanBo lets everyone see the cause and effect so the entire team can align their focus on solving the problem together.

Critical Path Method (CPM)

Your GPS for navigating through complex projects and identifying critical aspects of them

Using the card dependencies and due dates, KanBo calculates the critical path through complex algorithms to identify the crucial aspects of your project. Based on KanBo’s Critical Path visualization, you can identify non-critical activities and manage resources efficiently.
You can find activities that require increased focus and determine activities that can be completed in a shorter time to reduce project duration. With KanBo you can manage your resources the right way to always ensure systematic execution.

User View in Board

View work distribution in a team

Oftentimes you need to visualize the workload assigned to each team member to evaluate resource availability and capacity. You can easily visualize work distribution with the User View provided in KanBo Board.

In user view, KanBo groups cards by users and immediately visualizes the work distribution across the team making resource allocation systematic. With KanBo’s User View you can:

  • Assign cards to team members so available resources are optimally deployed and are not overloaded.
  • Quickly spot bottlenecks and resolve them while having an accurate idea of resource availability and unassigned work.
  • Assign or reassign work to team members by simply dragging and dropping cards between lists that represent the user’s pile of work.
  • Notify team members of new assignations in real-time.

Board Scorecard

Performance evaluation made easy

Presenting performance in a captivating way is a crucial part of making your project a success. All the information you need to evaluate your performance is present inside of your KanBo Board. The Board Scorecard collects information from different sources inside the board to present a simple visual illustration of progress and status of work.

Showcase familiar KPIs like budget, risk metrics, and major milestones, along with cards of the board across the timeline and how the work is progressing against the schedule. Easily communicate project performance and project health to busy executives and empower them with the capability to stay perfectly informed across multiple projects.