Beyond Real-Time

KanBo creates a higher level of collective understanding where everyone is at work regardless of their physical presence and location. With KanBo you are more aware of what is happening in your team than if you were physically in the same room.

Learn how KanBo holistically connects you with your organization with these innovative features without the need of being in the same physical location.

Real Time Broadcast

Stay up to date – always!

KanBo always keeps you up to date by making recent developments available for all to see without any delay.

Card Level

When you open a Card representing a work context you will instantly see the recent actions, involved people, and documents in their latest state, eliminating the need for tedious searches.

Board Level

On Board level you see where everything stands and all the movements of cards between lists or status as they happen in real time across all devices.

Board Collection Level

On the highest level of Board Collection all changes are shown as counters displaying the important happenings within boards in a consolidated way.

Activity Presence

Who is active right now?

Want to know if someone is available to collaborate with you on work-related stuff? You can do so with KanBo’s activity presence. The Activity presence is part of a user’s profile in KanBo and indicates the user’s current availability and status to other users of KanBo. The activity presence changes to specific colors to indicate different statuses.

Green Active working presence is indicated as green.

Grey If a user hasn’t been actively present in KanBo for a while their presence will be grey.

Black indicates unavailability in cases such as when users are on a leave or a holiday. Based on your setting in Outlook or Google calendar, KanBo will also show the date of your return from holiday.

Red indicates that a user is in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode meaning Deep Work State of Mind

Current Visitors

Improve visibility throughout work interactions with full transparency of presence in cards

KanBo cards not only display the current state of all elements and conversations but also show a list of the current visitors. This means that as you enter a card, you can see how many of your colleagues are on the same page as you.

Having a visual confirmation of a colleague being present in the same moment in the same working context with you provides higher level of transparency and a sense of connectedness. Finding colleagues from a card you both have viewed also gives you a shared goal and a common work interest that can be explored to reap countless benefits. This valuable knowledge can help you engage in interactive conversations, promote synergy and improve overall teamwork.

Action Indicators

Co-authoring in the now

The KanBo Card allows several people the freedom to work in parallel on it. During this parallel work each user can see which fragment of the card is currently being edited by which contributor, leading to the most effective form of collaboration.

KanBo indicates which user is currently typing a message, editing a note, adding subtasks to a list or making changes to the due date. The ability to co-author and predict someone’s next action is extremely useful in agile, remote and high velocity work environments.

Read Receipts

Is everyone up to date with the latest developments?

Effective collaboration requires all team members to be on the same page but how can you ensure that? KanBo helps you establish the true essence of transparency with read receipts that show how many members are on board and up to date with the current status of the work context.

For example, knowing that a critical participant has not read about a certain development can help you narrow down the issue and trigger an escalation towards that person in order to get the situation under control. In KanBo you can always see who has read which portion of the Card Activity Stream in real time. This gives the team confidence and saves everyone precious energy by avoiding low quality team synchronization meetings.